Relevant Publications from the Norwegian Research Group as of June 2011

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Theses as of 2011

Anderson, H.S., 2009. Complex magma-emplacement processes, xenolith incorporation, and polyphase host rock deformation of the 442 Ma Andalshatten pluton, Norwegian Caledonides. M.S. thesis, Texas Tech University, 129 pages.

Dumond, G., 2002. Magma chamber construction in the middle crust: Insights from the Sausfjellet pluton, Bindal Batholith. M.S. thesis, Texas Tech University.

Li, Y. 2008. Ph.D. thesis, Texas Tech University.

Marko, W.T., expected 2011. Petrology and emplacement of the Vega batholith, central Norway. Ph.D. thesis, Texas Tech University.

McArthur, K., 2007. Tectonic reconstruction and sediment provenance of a far-traveled nappe, west-central Norway. M.S. thesis, University of Wyoming, 127 pages.

McCulloch, L., 2008. Evidence for upward growth of a layered pluton in the Bindal Batholith, north-central Norway. M.S. thesis, Texas Tech University, 83 pages.

Oalmann, J., 2010. M.S. thesis, Texas Tech University.

Reid, K., 2005. Petrologic evolution of the Tosen dikes. M.S. thesis, Texas Tech University, 95 pages.

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