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Participants include:

Dr. Cal Barnes (TTU), Igneous/metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, role of assimilation and stoping in the compositional evolution of magmas/plutons, migmatite formation and evolution.

Dr. Carol Frost (U. Wyoming), Metamorphic petrology, isotope geochemistry.

Dr. Hal Karlsson (TTU), Stable Isotopes.

Dr. Øystein Nordgulen (NGU), Igneous petrology, geochemistry, tectonic evolution of extensional/contractional nappe complexes.

Dr. Tore Prestvik (NTNU), Igneous petrology and compositional evolution of Ordovician plutons.

Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu (TTU), Structrual geology, physical processes associated with magma migration/emplacement, tectonic evolution of extensional/contractional nappe complexes, and the structural evolution of migmatites.


Greg Dumond (TTU) - Completed his MS on the structural/petrologic evolution of the Sausfjellet pluton and adjacent host rocks in 2002 (Now Assistant Professor at University of Arkansas, Fayetville).

Kristin Reid (TTU) - 2005 MS thesis on the compositional evolution of a mid-crustal magma transer zone.

Denny Surrat (TTU) - In progress MS thesis on the stable isotopic evolution of the Hortavaer intrusive complex.

Roar Sandøy (NTNU) - PhD, 2003, The geometry, internal structure and geochemical variations of the industrial mineral marble deposits in the Velfjord area. NTNU. (Barnes, committee member).

Lindy McCulloch (TTU) - MS 2007, Sheeting and hybridization in the Horta Intrusive Complex.

Yujia Li (TTU) - PhD 2008, Carbonate assimilation in the Horta Intrusive Complex.

Heather Anderson (TTU) - MS 2009. Construction and emplacement of the Andalshatten pluton, central Norway. Now at ExxonMobil.

Jeff Oalmann (TTU) - MS 2010. Petrology and structure of Ylvingen. Now in PhD program at University of Kansas.

Wayne Marko (TTU) - In progress PhD thesis on the Petrogenetic and structural evolution of one of the largest S-type plutons on Earth, the Vega Intrusive Complex.