10th Annual Robinson Jeffers Association Conference Presents

A Field Trip to Point Lobos State Reserve

13 February 2004 • Field Guide (download pdf, ~978 kb)

In conjunction with the 10th Annual Robinson Jeffers Association Conference on 'Jeffers, Sciencce, and the Natural and Cultural History of the Big Sur Region', the RJA will host an informal field trip to Point Lobos State Reserve on Friday, 13 February. During the trip we will examine outcrops of Cretaceous granite, 60 million year old submarine gravity-slide deposits, marine terraces tilted by recent earthquake faults, and other geologic features that represent the bedrock to Tor House and Jeffers poetry. As we examine the rocks we will discuss the evidence that Jeffers used to conclude that nature is dynamic and cyclical: 'systole and diastole: the whole universe beats like a heart.' Along the path we will analyze the influence of nature and science on Jeffers poetry while surrounded by the source of his inspiration. In addition to geology, we will discuss the ecology, and natural and cultural history of Point Lobos and the Central Coast region.

Logistical Information

Where: Point Lobos State Reserve (click here for an interactive map; click on the 'star' for a closer view)

When: 1:15 PM, Friday, 13 February, meet at the entrance to Point Lobos State Reserve along Highway 1 (map of the reserve). The Reserve opens at 9 AM. If parking is available inside the Reserve we will proceed to Whalers Cove. Otherwise we will begin our walk at the Reserve entrance.

How: By foot we will travel approximately 2-3 miles over gentle, forested hills and along rocky coastal outcrops.

What we will see and do: During the hike we will talk about granite and cypress, birds and fishes, the beauty of things, and if the conditions are optimal we might see "the ocean's tribute". We will also spend some time 'on the outcrop' discussing the origins of granite and the 'connections and disconnections' between Robinson Jeffers verses, nature, and science as a means of discovery. And, we will hear various readings of Jeffers poems - be sure to bring your favorite.

Who: All are welcome. The field trip will be guided by Aaron Yoshinobu (geologist), Jeff Norman (biologist and Carmel historian), and others.

Cost: Point Lobos State Reserve charges $5/car at the entrance; there are no other fees associated with the field trip.

Be sure to bring:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • backpack with snacks, water or a thermos with hot coffee
  • sunglasses, hat, sunscreen (hopefully not needed)
  • rain jacket, clothing layers for variable temperatures (it could be misty, foggy, or even raining)

We will return to our vehicles around 5:00 pm, depending on the weather and discussion. For more information regarding logistics of the field trip, please contact Aaron Yoshinobu (806-742-4025) or ShaunAnne Tangney.

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