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I have been very fortunate to recruit and work with some of the finest student-colleagues in my time at Texas Tech. I am proud to call each of these students my colleague. Future students in Structural Geology & Tectonics have a high bar to leap to keep pace with these men and women.


Matt Garrnett, M.S. expected May 2016. Structural evolution of Proterozoic fabrics in the Manzano Mountains.

Christine Farrell, M.S. expected May 2016. Structure of the Josephine peridotite.

Jenna Hessert, M.S. expected May 2016. Reevaluation of fold and thrust kinematics in the Ouachita Orogeny.

Katie Gates, M.S. expected May 2015. Statistical analysis of xenolith distributions in plutons.

Kaitlyn Andreas, M.S. expected May 2015. Gypsum-filled veins and their bearing on natural hydraulic fracture formation.

David Manoukian, M.S. expected Dec. 2014. Damage zone of the Montosa fault, NM.


Jeremy Deans, PhD. expected May 2015. Evaluating magmatic strain in oceanic lithosphere.





Jacob Leader, MS., 2013. HIgh-temperature deformation of gabbros.

Paul Gifford, MS., 2012. Fracture evolution on Enceladus. Now working at Citation Oil and Gas.

Mike Muncy, Structural evolution of Pennsylvanian-Permian faults in the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico. Now employed with Hunt Oil Company, Dallas, TX.

Andrew Whitesides, Mechanical evolution of large-volume batholithic systems and the kinematics of flow in the Josephine peridotite.

Wayne Marko, PhD., 2012. Crustal melting in the Helgeland Nappe Complex, central Norway.

Monika Leopold, BS., 2012. Strain in the partially molten Wooley Creek Batholith, CA. Now a grad student with Bob Miller at San Jose State University.

Brendan Hargrove, MS., 2012. Emplacement and hypersolidus deformation in the Wooley Creek batholith, CA. Now at EOG

Joe Bauman, MS. 2011, Evaluating tectonism and landscape evolution in the Sacramento Mountains, NM. Joe is now a geologist with Hunt Oil and gas.


Chloe Beddingfield, BS., 2010, Paleo and active diapirism on Saturn's icy satellite, Enceladus. (Now in PhD program at University of Tennesse, Knoxville.) Go here and here to read more about Chloe's research accolades.


Heather S. Anderon, M.S., 2009, Evaluating Stoping and Assimilation in the Andalshatten Pluton, Norway. Now at ExxonMobil.


Tim Anderson, M.S. 2008. Influence of tectonics and climate on the topography of the Klamath Mountains Province. Now at Schulmberger.


David M. Martin, M.S. 2007. Structural Evolution of the McKinney Hills Laccolith, Big Bend National Park, Texas. Now at Mewbourne Oil.


Ryan Krueger, M.S. 2005, Structural evolution of the Sing Peak pendant: Implications for magma chamber construction and mid-Cretaceous deformation in the central Sierra Nevada batholith. Now at ExxonMobil.


Nathan Zimmerman, M.S. 2005, Evaluating host rock deformation mechanisms in folds developed above laccoliths, Big Bend National Park, Texas.


Wayne Marko, M.S. 2004, Contact Aureole Rheology.


Jeannette Wolak, M.S. 2004, Field constraints on the removal and incorporation of host rock xenoliths in the Jackass Lakes pluton, central Sierra Nevada, CA. (PhD., 2010 at Montana State University.) Now an Assistant Professor at Tennessee Tech University.


Mike Salisbury, M.S. 2003, High-temperature deformation in the Josephine peridotite. Now working environmental geology in Los Angeles, CA.


Greg Dumond, M.S., 2002, Magma chamber construction in the middle crust: Insights from the Sausfjellet pluton, Bindal Batholith. (PhD.,2008 University of Massachusettes.) Now Assistant Professor at University of Arkansas, Fayetville.