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Graduate Students in Structural Geology, Tectonics & related disciplines.

I've been lucky to work with a number of excellent, motivated, and enthusiastic students since arriving at Texas Tech.

Committee Chair

Wayne Marko, PhD. Wayne is studying the mid-crustal evolution of a large, petrologically heterogeneous intrusion that may reflect mobilization of a large migmatite belt in central Norway. He is also working on the interaction of climate, erosion, & uplift in the northern Sierra Nevada, CA.
Greg Dumond, M.S. 2002 (co-chair with Dr. Cal Barnes). Magma chamber construction in the mid-crust: Insights from the Sausfjellet pluton, central Norway.Greg mapped a quater of the 1:50,000 sheet for the Norwegian Geological Survey in the processes of studying the emplacement mechanisms of the Sausfjellet pluton, central Norway. With his co-Advisor, Dr. Cal Barnes, he also addressed issues relating to stoping and assimilation in the Sausfjellet magma. Greg's now working on his Ph.D. with Dr. Mike Williams at UMASS.
Mike Salisbury, M.S. May 2003. Microstructures and deformation mechanisms in the Josephine peridotite, SW Oregon. Mike mapped ductile shear zones in the Josephine peridotite, SW Oregon, which forms the mantle section to the Josephine ophiolite. He also evaluated the deformation mechanisms in olivine that accommodate deformation in the mantle sequence.
Wayne Marko, M.S. 2004. Contact Aureole Rheology.Wayne mapped two plutons in eastern Nevada, the Snake-Wheeler Creek pluton and the White Horse pluton. Using his detailed mapping, and microstructural analyses of deformed quartzites and marbles, he developed constraints on the rheology of these two contact aureoles during pluton emplacement.
Jeannette Wolak, M.S. 2004. Hypersolidus deformation in magmas and the role of stoping during emplacement of the Jackass Lakes pluton, central Sierra Nevada, CA. Jeannette did a field and lab study of stoped blocks and the viscosity of magma during the time of xenolith 'capture'. She is now employed at Devon Energy.
Ryan Krueger, M.S., expected May 2005. Ryan has worked on the structural evolution of the Sing Peak pendant in the central Sierra Nevada. This pendant was intruded by the Jackass Lakes pluton and contains evidence for 98 Ma. transpression.
Nathan Zimmerman, M.S., expected May 2005. Nate is working on fracture development during laccolith growth in the Big Bend National Park.

Committee Member.

Indrani Chattopadhyay, M.S. August 2003.Indrani has studied the mineralogical and compositional evolution of crustal xenoliths erupted from the Potrillo Maar, southern-most New Mexico.
Kristin Reid, M.S. 2003. Kristin is doing a detailed geochemical, petrological, and structural study of a suite of dikes that were the likely conduits to voluminous Ordovician plutons that Cal Barnes and I are studying.
Jason Lewis, M.S. 2003. Jason is using receiver functions to 'map out' the 660 km seismic discontinuity beneath southern California.
Yujia Li, PhD. Yujia is working on the petrological and geochemical evolution of mid-crustal plutons in central Norway with specific emphasis on the nature of assimilation.

Undergraduate Students

Jason Foster, B.S. 2001. Jason was a McNair scholar and worked on the shallow geophysics of an archeologiacl site on the south plains.
Brian Cornwell, B.S. expected May 2005. Brian is doing strain analyses and microstructural studies on deformed conglomerates from the middle nappe of the Helgeland Nappe Complex, central Norway.
Mike Blevins, B.S., 2004. Structural evolution of the Ming Pk area, Jackass Lakes pluton.
David Martin, B.S., 2004. Magmatic foliations around stoped blocks, Jackass Lakes pluton, central Sierra Nevada, CA.