The structural geology & tectonics program at TTU offers a multidisciplinary approach to studying lithospheric deformation - and poetry(!). The program emphasizes a field-based approach and combines microstructural, petrologic, geochemical, and theoretical/numerical studies to evaluate processes associated with rock deformation. Our goal in teaching is to engender and develop 3-D visualization skills and field-based knowledge while adding a strong quantitative component to coursework and research.
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Structural evolution of pluton-host rock systems.

We have been studying the structural & petrologic evolution of pluton-host rock systems with the goals of understanding the nature of magma chamber construction and the physical evolution of these systems. This work utilizes detailed & extensive field mapping coupled with microstructural and strain analysis.

Contact Aureole RheologyNorwegian PlutonsArgentine Plutons

Ordovician magmatism, deformation, & exhumation in central Norway.

Structural & petrologic studies of poly-deformed regional migmatites, gabbroic to granitic plutons, migmatites associated with 'contact-heating' by plutons, regional tectonics as related to multiple collisional events, and everything else that falls along with the rain in central Norway. This work is collaborative and involves Drs. Cal Barnes & Aaron Yoshinobu at Tech and scientists from the Norwegian Geological Survey and the Norwegian University of Science & Technology in Trondheim.

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Ophiolites & the construction and destruction of the oceanic lower crust.

This work involves field and microstructural studies of ophiolites (Josephine, northern California, southern Oregon, Torguta, southern Chile, Oman) as well as modern oceanic crust (Southwest Indian Ridge).

Josephine OphioliteTortuga Ophiolite, southern ChileOman OphioliteSouthwest Indian Ridge

Robinson Jeffers • Poet, Stone Mason, & Earth Scientist

My research seeks to visualize the interconnections between science, literature, and the environment through study of the poetry and stone masonry of 20th Century California poet Robinson Jeffers.

Robinson Jeffers as poet and Earth scientist
Click this link for information as well as a field guide that relates California rocks to poetics


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