Courses taught by Dr. Yoshinobu
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Physical Geology (GEOL 1303).
Introduction to geology. I no longer teach this course.
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Structural Geology (GEOL 3402).
Offered every Fall for Geoscience Majors.

Structural Analysis of Hydrocarbon Systems (GEOL 3305).
Offered every Fall for Petroleum Engineering Majors.


Advanced Structural Geology (GEOL 4361/5361).
This course is topical and may be repeated for credit. Topics include: Deformation Mechanisms and Rheology, Tectonic Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere, Evolution of Magmatic Arcs, Tectonic Geomorphology. Generally taught in the Spring.
Tectonics (GEOL 4362/5362).
Cross-listed for graduates and senior level undergraduate students. Generally taught every other Spring.
Various graduate seminars/discussion groups on topics including 'Tectonics of Batholith Formation', etc.