Comments on my teaching from me and my students

My teaching philosophy is to play three roles: a facilitator of learning and problem solving, a synthesizer of information, and a role model for the use of scientific inquiry. I enjoy using experiments and various methods of inquiry and active learning during my classes to demonstrate 'how we know what we know'. I emphasize deep understanding of process-oriented topics by asking questions like, 'Why do earthquakes happen? What makes a volcano erupt? Why do mountains form and what does climate change have to do with mountain building? How can the erosion of rocks affect greenhouse gases?' I expect and require student participation in all of my classes and enjoy a healthy diaglogue with my students in and out of class. In all of my courses I attempt to get to know each student - even the 200 seat so-called lecture classes.

I enjoy taking students 'out in the field'. Each semester I lead one or more field trips to various locals in Lubbock, west Texas, New Mexico and further west. I de-emphasize rote memorization of facts, terms, and observations. I experiment with group discussions and inquiry-based problems in all of my classes and especially enjoy reading and reviewing student work - this provides me the best means of assessing how effective my teaching is and how much the student is really learning. For more information on how I assess students, go to my Student Assessment Page.

Comments about the teacher from anonymous student evaluations:

Physical Geology

"The problem sets I believe more effective than a standard scantron test. I also enjoyed you personality and your teaching style. Thanks for a good semester."

"Yoshinobu was very effective about getting his point across and never spent too much time on one subject."

"Teacher made the class fun and interesting."

"Best professor I've ever had, hands down."

"I liked the problem sets or 'mini test'. It makes learning the material in smaller chunks easier."

"Great visuals representations."

"He was a good teacher andknew a lot, but this class is way too hard."

"The instructor truly showed knowledge of the subject and helped students understand each topic. He was always available and made class interesting. Great instructor!"

"He is a very energetic professor that goes beyond the text book to teach geology."

"This is a tough class, but it is a class I enjoy due to the people I have met in the class and the way you have your presentations."

"Dr. Yoshinobu is my favorite professor this year. His enthusiasm excites the student about geology. It's so cool. The only criticism I have is this: His language is a bit too crude for an authority figure."

"The instructor is very inspiring and enthusaistic."

"I would have preferred more scheduled on syllabus testing/problem set days instead of the random days - my only complaint. I really enjoyed it, though."

"The instructor is very inspiring and enthusiastic."

He was the most enthusiastic professor I have had at Tech! He definitely demonstrated a passion for Geology which made him a lot easier to learn from!"

"He was fabulous. He made it interesting and worth coming to class! Also hs is so thrilled about geology... awesome!"

"Very enthusiastic, loves to teach."

“You’re a great teacher, and make learning fun.”

“I love this class – I don’t get ‘A’s’ in here but I still enjoy it and that says a lot!”

“I have waited to take a science class until my last semeser because I have been scared. I am very glad you go outside the box and really try to help us understand the material better! Thanks.”

“I love this class and how the material is taught.”

“The best class I have had in my college career. It was fun, funny, and creative.”

“You not only know the material, but you know how to explain it.”

"Dr. Yosh was very informative in his lessons, but the notews were too informative. Very hard to look back and study."

"Dr. Yosh is hands down one of the best profs at Texas Tech. It was wonderful to find someone who is actually happy with what he's doing and wants to help."

"This class was fairly easy if you were in class to reveive the notes because that's where most of the tests come from."

"Dr. Yoshinobu is a very educated professor and knows his subject matter. I enjoyed the field trips whether they were extra creidt or just for the enjoyment and education as in the field trip to Caprock Canyon I went on."

"He is a great teacher. His tests are very fair and come straight from his notes. I look foward to having him again. he knows geology and it shows in class. He truly loves this subject. Great guy!"

"I think Dr. Yoshinobu was an excellent instructor. I like how he kept the students' attention. Some of the material was a little confusing and went by too quickly."

"The instructor knew a lot about Geology, however, he never was available or helped answer my questions. This class was extremely hard. I have never made less than an A in my life and I am making a C now."

"Great class, Yosh! I enjoyed your lectures - they were easy to understand and remember."

"He was very effective. I like the skits he brought to class. I also liked how he related to us and our lifestyles. Good job!"

"This class is very helpful and I feel as though I have had a vaulable experience."

"Dr. Yosh is a good professor, however, when it comes to the harder materials, he was unable to keep my attention or teach it in a way I could understand."

"Yosh did a great job with presenting the information on the computer and made it easy to understand the concepts. His visual style of teaching made it easier to grasp the concepts of geology. His tests actually tested our knowledge of what was taught in lectures. Yosh is the man."

"Dr. Yosh went above and beyond several times to help the students in this class. Taking his resaerch time to help non-geo majors study for tests and waking up early to take students on extra credit field trips on the weekends are a few of the examples. Dr. Yosh is a great professor and had a very fun class. Overall, Dr. Yosh is very down to earth and he rocks."

"I liked the instructor because he had a good sense of humor and that he incorporated it in his teaching. He has never been a mundane or boing teacher, or rude about anything."

"Dr. Yoshinobu was my favorite prof this semester. He was easy to listen to, and seemed to really enjoy what he does. One thing - I wish he did some kind of review before exams."

"I felt very misled to take this class. I was expecting an introduction to this material and felt I was instead taking an advanced course. I htnk he is a great teacher who is very passionate about what he teaches, but I think he taught way over our heads."

"The class was pretty difficult and some of the concepts were hard to understand. You definitely kept me interested, though, and made me want to come to class!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was extremely interesting and informative. I wouldn't change anything. The professor went well beyond what was required of him and was very effective."

"One of the best professors that I've ever had. He kept the class interesting and I've learned a lot. Great teaching style."

"I think that you are an awesome teacher with a ton of enthusiasm. I had a hard time on the tests. Maybe you could provide a review simply as a guideline so students will be able to study better, creating better results on the tests. Thanks!"

Structural Geology Class

"Good teacher but material was very tough."

"Great job addressing all learning styles. More field trips. Great job! Favorite teacher in college career. Makes it interesting, intriguing and fun. Facilitated learning well."

"Dr. Yoshinobu is a great teacher. I enjoyed his lectures, and hope to have another class with him."

"Overall very effective teacher, good style, content. Only comment would be to have morenotes on the internet to help out with studying for tests."

"Once you get over the fear of what this class has been talked up to be, you understand that the material is interesting and useful and tend to begin to enjoy the class and lab experience."

"I appreciate the fact he is always available for questions."

"He knows his materials and teaches with enthusiasm which makes it easy to come to class. He is one of the best professors I've had. I wouldn't change anything about his class, the lab, the instructor, or the lab TA's."

"I feel that maybe a few more examples on how to work through things would help out a lot. Sometimes it seemed confusing and i would have to really reread everything to get back on track."

"Geology is all about the ice-cream sandwich!!"

"It would be very helpful if students had an idea of what was going to be on a test so we could study. The tests were over stuff we had never heard of."

"I think the lab should be shorter. It's helpful, however, longer than necessary. The images on the computer worked well."

"I had heard horror stories about this class, but I found Yosh to be an effective professor. It was a good class, but the labs often seemed tedious and non-relating to course material."

"It would be nice to have classes for engineers. This way we could learn more about the petroleum aspect of structural geology. However, Dr. Yosh did a good job of tying in petroleum engineering to the class."

"Great teacher, extremely smart. This class needs to be 3 hours with a 1 hour lab. Everything in class was presented clearly and the tests were straight from his discussions."

"The exam questions were hard to understand what he was asking for sometimes. I really enjoyed the labs and learned a lot from them. The tests were fair. I think the labs should have been more toward the final grade because they were very long."

Graduate Classes

"I enjoyed the papers that we were required to read, they stimulated discussion and devled into subjects comprehensive of outher disciplines. I would recommend a text be required for the course."

"I thought the class was organized pretty well and really spawned a lot of curiosity. I felt like I was forced to think outside the box in many discussions, it was interesting."