TTU Home Department of Geosciences

Facilities For Research & Teaching

The Geosciences Department at Texas Tech houses a number of state-of-the-art facilities used by faculty and students for research and teaching.

Aqueous Geochemistry Laboratory

Digital Microscopy Lab

GIS & Remote Sensing Laboratory in The Department of Geosciences.

TTU GeoAnalytical Laboratory for Major & Trace Element ICP Analysis & Laser-Ablation ICP-Mass Spectrometry.

Laboratory for Stable Isotope Geochemistry.


Related & Collaborative University Facilities

In addition to the 'in-house' facilities noted above, various faculty and students within the Geosciences Department regularly utilize other facilities within the university, inlcuding:

MRI-Petrophysical Applications Center
The MRI Petrophysical Applications Center provides magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities for oil industry R&D. In addition, it is well suited for studying the internal structures in a wide variety of geologic, industrial and engineering materials and for supporting research in fluidized and dispersed phase systems.

Wind Science & Engineering Research Center
In collaboration with scientists in Civil Engineering, members of the Geoscience Faculty utilize the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center to study the effects and hazards of severe storms.

The Imaging Center
TEM, SEM, EBSD and related instruments for image analysis and microscopy.