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Dr. Juske Horita


Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Office: SCI-216
Phone: 806-742-3109

After many years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, I arrived in the Department of Geosciences in the Fall of 2010. I’m the first Strategic Hire made by the University as part of TTU's plan to advance to a National Research University status. My research interest is broadly-defined, interdisciplinary geochemistry of atmospheric, surficial, microbial, and sedimentary processes of the Earth during geologic time, utilizing both advanced chemical and isotopic techniques. Specific research fields include experimental and theoretical stable isotope geochemistry, isotope hydrology, environmental geochemistry, paleoclimatology / paleoceanography, sedimentary geochemistry, forensic stable isotope geochemistry, geologic CO2 sequestration and neutron scattering studies fluids and minerals.

My plan at TTU is to establish an interdisciplinary research and teaching center of stable isotope studies within the Department of Geosciences, utilizing innovative, cross-cutting stable isotope techniques. This Center would provide researchers and students from various departments, colleges, and programs at Texas Tech access to state-of-the-art technologies for the advancement of water and natural resource-related research programs.

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