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Dr. Hua-wei Zhou

Joe Pevehouse Endowed Chair, Professor of Seismology

Seismology & Exploration Geophysics

Ph.D. 1989, Caltech

Office: SCI-211
Phone: 806-742-1308

My research covers both exploration geophysics and solid earth geophysics. I'm interested in improving seismic imaging methods to help achieve the scientific and business objectives of seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The scale of my study ranges from the Earth's whole mantle to an oil/gas reservoir. Working with many graduate students and collaborators, I'm currently funded to work on mapping mantle and crustal seismic structures of various regions and developing expertise in land and marine exploration geophysics.

In September 2007 I have taken the Pevehouse Chair Professor position at Texas Tech University. During 1989-2007 I served in University of Houston as assistant professor, associate professor, and professor. I also worked at Exxon Production Research during 1997-1998. I'm currently a “ChuTian” visiting professor at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China. Besides teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in academia, I taught industry short courses in Geophysical Data Processing and Seismic Migration in recent years.

I enjoy working with students. Since 1989 I have supervised 40 Ph.D. and M.S. students, plus several post-docs. All of these students have employed as geophysicists in industry or academia. I strongly encourage potential students with a geosciences career in mind join us in the exciting and rewarding field of geophysics



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