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Dr. Zhou’s Recent Publications

  • Selected Recent Publications:
  • Jiang, F., and H. Zhou, Traveltime inversion and error analysis for layered anisotropy, J. of Applied Geophysics, 73, 101-110, 2011.
  • Zhou, H., On the layering artifacts in seismic imageries, Journal of Earth Science, 22, 182-194, DOI: 10.1007/s12583-011-0171-z, 2011.
  • Liu, H., H. Zhou, W. Liu, P. Li, and Z. Zou, Tomographic velocity model building of near surface with reversed-velocity interfaces: A test using the Yilmaz model, Geophysics, 75, U39-U47, 2010.
  • Liu, W., B. Zhao, H. Zhou, Z. He, H. Liu, and Z. Du, Wave-equation global datuming based on the double square root operator, Geophysics, 76, B1-B9, 2011.
  • Zhou, H., L. Li, T. Bjorklund, and M.P. Thornton, A comparative analysis of deformable layer tomography and cell tomography along the LARSE lines in southern California, Geophys. J. Int, 180, 1200-1222, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04472.x, 2010.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Zhou, H., P. Li, Z. Yan, and F. Yuan, 3D multi-scale tomostatics using first arrivals, accepted by International Petroleum Technology Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 15-17 November, 2011.
  • Zou, Z., and H. Zhou, Reverse time imaging of small earthquakes using 2D array data in Three Gorges Reservoir region, China, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 30, 1674-1678, San Antonio, 2011.
  • Zhou, H., H. Liu, Z. Zou, and F. Yuan, Blind testing of deformable layer tomography using near-surface first arrivals, accepted by the 24th SAGEEP, Charleston, SC, April, 2011.
  • Jiang, F., and H. Zhou, A strategy to estimate anisotropic parameters by error analysis of traveltime inversion, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 29, 323-327, Denver, 2010.
  • Zhou, H., Z. Zou, Y. Yao, W. Liao, and Y. Xu, Mapping seismic velocities beneath the Yangtze Three Gorges Reservoir, Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, June 22-25, 2010.