Big Bend National Park

Structural Geology, 14-17 October 2004

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Flat-irons of the Devonian Caballos novaculite along the southeastern margin of a breached anticline, East Bourland Mountain, Marathon fold and thrust belt.
Plunging folds defined by the Caballos novaculite along highway 385 in the Marathon fold and thrust belt.
Structural geology students examining outcrop-scale folds in the Marathon fold and thrust belt.
Heading to the Canoe syncline in a field of yellow flowers.
Sketching folds and thrust faults associated with the Laramide orgeny at Persimmon Gap.
Normal faults and drag folds associated with Basin and Range normal faulting in Tornillo wash.
Rusty-weathering igneous body intruding parallel (sill) to host rock bedding (lower right, center) and sub-perpendicular to bedding (center, top). Note the apparent offset of the dike near the top of the cliff.
Lunch break in the core of the Canoe syncline.
Pictures by Graham Butler