Structural Geology Trip to Proterozoic crystalline rocks of the Manzano Mts., New Mexico

Every Fall

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View to the north of the western slopes of the Manzano Mountains. Proterzoic (1.8-1.6 Ga) metamorphic and igneous rocks are exposed in an uplifted fault-block by deeply incised canyons.The eastern boundary of the range is controlled by a Laramide (Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary) reverse fault.
Former Tech M.S. student Greg Dumond hiking of the gorge to view andalusite-sillimanite-kyanite-garnet-bearing schists.
Kink folds in schist
Greg and Jim Green viewing overturned cross-beds in amphibolite-grade metasedimentary rocks 20 m from the contact of the 1.4 Ga Priest pluton.
Lineations in quartzites a few meters from the contact of the Priest pluton.
A spring blizzard in the Manzano Mts.
Antiformal synclines and synformal anticlines in Estadio Canyon, Manzano Mts. Quartzites show inward facing, overturned folds indicating that the entire sequence has been inverted!