Rio Grande Rift, Potrillo Volcanic field, Kilbourne Hole, Aden Crater & the Franklin Mountains, New Mexico & Texas

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East side of the Organ Mountains, New Mexico at sunrise.
Mapping Laramide structures in the Potrillo Mountains, southern New Mexico.
Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico, a late Pleistocene maar volcano. The Igneous/Metamorphic petrology course regulary visits the region to study mantle and crustal xenoliths that are contained within the erupted lavas.
Crustal xenolith (granulite; left) and mantle xenolith (dunite; right) from Kilbourne Hole.
Collecting crustal xenoliths in the southern Potrillo Mountains as part of a petrological study at TTU.
Base-surge deposits near the margin of the Kilbourne maar volcano.