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G.I.S. in the Geography Program


Within the Geography Program at Texas Tech, geographic information technologies are playing an increasing important role in both teaching and research.  GIS and remote sensing courses offered through the department provide students with hands-on training in GIS and remote sensing - and an appreciation of how these spatial technologies can be applied to address basic research questions and solve real world problems.  The courses offered through the Geography Program include:
      GEOG 3300 / 5300: Geographic Information Systems
      GEOG 3301 / 5301: Remote Sensing of the Environment
      GEOG 4302 / 5302: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
      GEOG 4400 / 5400: Topics in GIS

Computer Labs

The department maintains two computers labs for GIS and related courses.  Both labs provide students with access to the latest GIS software.


With respect to research, GIS is a powerful tool that can be used to manage spatial data, address basic research questions and solve real-world problems.  Because the study of spatial relationships is central to so many research questions, faculty in the Geography Program frequently collaborate with faculty and students from other departments across campus.  Within the Geography Program, geographic information systems are being used in a wide variety of research applications - often in an interdisciplinary environment.