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Research in Geophysics


Researchers in geophysics in the Department of Geosciences includes earthquake and exploration seismology, heat flow studies and sedimentary basin analysis, and gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic prospecting.

Faculty members in the Geophysics group include:

Dr. Harold Gurrola, Associate Professor. Mantle seismology, gravity, electromagnetic and magnetic fields. Email:

Dr. Seiichi Nagihara, Associate Professor. Heat flow studies applied to hydrocarbon maturation, remote sensing & GIS, 3-D laser scanning.

Dr. Hua-wei Zhou, Joe Pevehouse Endowed Chair and Professor of Seismology. Solid earth and exploration seismology. Email:

Research is conducted utilizing in-house laboratory facilities including:

  • Geothermal Heat Flow Lab
  • Various seismic stations in the South Plains, along with IRIS and other global seismometer stations.

Courses in Geophysics include:

  • GPH 2333 Introduction to Geophysics
  • GPH 4300 Independent Studies in Geophysics
  • GPH 4321 Seismic Methods
  • GPH 4323 Electrical Methods
  • GPH 5231 Seismology
  • GPH 5300 Individual Studies in Geophysics
  • GPH 5303 Seismic Data Analysis
  • GPH 5305 Velocity Model Building
  • GPH 5307 Seismic Migration
  • GPH 5310 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • GPH 5321 Advanced Seismic Exploration Methods
  • GPH 5323 Advanced Applied Electrical Methods
  • GPH 5324 Radiative Transfer

Ongoing research in GEOPHYSICS