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Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The Geosciences Department offers a rigorous graduate program that leads to a Master of Science degree in both Geosciences and Atmospheric Sciences and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geosciences. At the doctoral level, research emphasis may be placed in any of the sub-disciplines overseen by the student's Graduate Committee.

To begin, peruse the Geosciences Research pages and select a number of faculty members and areas of research that you find of interest. Visit with that faculty member by phone, email, or at a scientific meeting and discuss thesis research topics. Feel free to email additional faculty and graduate students to inquire about graduate studies at Texas Tech Unviersity. Be sure to peruse other web pages on the Geosciences Web Site including the Student Club pages, Field Trips pages, and About Us pages.

For specific information about the PhD program and requirements download the forms to the right and consult the Graduate School "Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy" link to the right.

General information about Graduate School studies at Texas Tech may be found at theTTU Graduate School web Site.

Ph.D. Forms

Graduate Student Handbook General handbook describing degree plan, course offerings, and timeline. (.pdf)

Ph.D. Degree Plan (Program for the Doctoral Degree Form) (pdf.)

Application Form & Procedure for the Ph.D. Program. This form must be filled out and submitted to the Department of Geosciences, Graduate Advisor. (.doc)

Letter of Recommendation Form. (.doc)