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Department of Geosciences Research Day 2009

Research Day in the Geosciences Department took place on 29 April in the Science Building. Below is a gallery of a number of the poster presentations by undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.

Congratulations to Sergio Ojeda, a graduating senior, who won "Best Undergraduate Poster, 2009" for his poster, "Integrating Three Dimensional Laser Scanning and DGPS Technologies for Precise Outcrop Mapping: Hayes Sandstone, Guadalupe Mountains".

Sergio presented both a poster as well as a 3-D computer visualization that utilized LIDAR images of cliff faces in the Guadalupe Mountains. These data will be integrated with sedimentology studies to reproduce a 3-D 'volume' that characterizes hydrocarbon reservoirs in the subsurface.

Dr. Lehman discusses evidence for Martian volcanic flows with undergraduate presenter, Josh Hopper. Hopper is utilizing high-resolution images from regions on Mars to evaluate whether volcanism or water produced channel-like features on the Martian surface.

Undergraduate Brendan Hargrove points out his geologic map of the Sacramento Mountains, NM.

Undergraduate Chloe Beddingfield discusses evidence for diapirs on Enceladus, an icy satellite of Saturn with Dr. Leverington. Her data comes from new images from the NASA Cassini Mission.

Saundra Calderon presenting her poster on paleo shorelines in the arctic.

Undergraduates Brendan Hargrove and Ryan Sonntag present their work in the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico. Sonntag also presented new geologic mapping that he has completed in the Big Bend region.

Graduate students Nolwenn Coint and Robbie Robertson explain their research. Nolwenn presented work that she has completed in Brittany, France.


Graduate students in atmospheric sciences discuss new research in severe storms.

Graduate student Jeff Oalmann presents his on-going research on mid-crustal rocks exposed in central Norway.

Geosciences Research, May 2009, Abstract Volume 3. (pdf).

Thanks to Callum Hetherington, Chriss Weiss, and Hua-wei Zhou for organizing the research day. The Geoscience Society sponsored lunch.

See you in May 2010 for the next TTU Geosciences Research Day!