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Research in Structural Geology & Tectonics


The Structure & Tectonics Program at TTU is a diverse, vibrant, and collaborative association of faculty, researchers, & students who explore questions relating to the nature of magma migration and emplacement in the lithosphere, geomorphic signals of recent uplift in active mountain ranges, and the application of kinematic and dynamic analysis to geologic structures on Earth and in the solar system.

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to structural analysis and utilize collaborations with petrologists, geochemists, and geomorphologists within the Department as well as colleagues at other institutions around the world.

Faculty in Structural Geology & Tectonics

Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu, Associate Professor. Structural/Tectonic evolution of terrestrial lithosphere & icy satellites. Email:

Departmental Collaborators:

Dr. Cal Barnes, Professor. Petrology & geochemistry of igneous & metamorphic rocks. Email:

Dr. Callum Hetherington, Assistant Professor. Mineralogy, geochemistry, and micro-analytical study of igneous & metamorphic rocks. Email:

Dr. David Leverington, Assistant Professor. Planetary science & geomorphology. Email:

Dr. Hua-wei Zhou, Professor & Pevehouse Chair. Seismology. Email:

Ongoing research in structural geology & tectonics

Arcs & Collisional Systems | Mid-Ocean Ridge Systems | Ophiolites

Landscape Response to Tectonics & Climate | Kinematic Analysis of Icy Satellites

Information for students

Current projects needing motivated & enthusiastic grad students (updated jan. 2012)

Evaluating the tempo, size, and chemical connectivity of magma batches in a tilted plutonic complex. NSF Funded through 2012.

Textural and microstructural analysis of lower crustal gabrros in ophiolites and OSC's. Mapping and sampling from the "Superfast" Cocos Ridge (IODP LEG 335) Southwest Indian Ridge (Atlantis Bank; ODP Leg's 176 and 179), Joesphine ophiolite, Tortuga ophiolite, Oman ophiolite. USSSP Funded through 2013; NSF funding pending.

Kinematics of high-temperature flow in the Josephine peridotite: Implications to intra-arc spreading in a Jurassic marginal basin. Funding pending.

Thermal and mechanical evolution of batholithic complexes and fabric formation fronts. Partially NSF funded; further support pending.

Surface uplift and bedrock river incision in the Klamath Mountains, CA & Sacramento Mountains, NM.