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Recent publications (from 2000, listed chronologically):

Porras-Muzquiz, H.G., and Lehman, T.M. 2011. A ceratopsian horncore from the Olmos Formation (early Maastrichtian) near Muzquiz, Mexico. Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas, 28(2):262-266.

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Wagner, J. R., and Lehman, T.M., 2009. An enigmatic new lambeosaurine hadrosaur (Reptilia: Dinosauria) from the upper shale member of the Campanian Aguja Formation of Trans-Pecos Texas. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 29(2):605-611.

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Lehman, T.M. and S. L. Tomlinson, 2004. Terlinguachelys fischbecki, a new genus and species of sea turtle (Chelonoiodea; Protostegidae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Texas. Journal of Paleontology, 78(6): 1163-1178.

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Recent technical (consulting) reports (from 2000, listed chronologically):

Lehman, T.M., 2005. Lithologic log and summary of surface and shallow subsurface geology at Amarillo SPC MW-1. Letter report for Southwest Pre-stressed Concrete [submitted to K. Rainwater], 2 p.

Lehman, T.M., 2005. Petrology of selected samples of Quaternary Pecos Valley alluvial deposits. Letter report for Intera, Inc. [submitted to G. Grisak], 2 p.

Lehman, T.M., 2005. Review of collections from Aguja and Javelina formations at VPL. Letter report to T. Rowe, director of Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Texas Memorial Museum, 4 p.

Lehman, T.M., 2004. The relation of perchlorate distribution in ground-water to geologic and hydrologic features on the Southern High Plains, Texas. Report submitted for inclusion in Phase II progress report to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 14 pages, 7 maps and figures.

Jackson, W., Rainwater, K.. Anderson, T., Lehman, T., Tock, R., Rajagopalan, S., and Ridley, M., 2004. Distribution and Potential Sources of Perchlorate in the High Plains Region of Texas. Progress report submitted to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Austin, Texas, 163 p.

Jackson, W., Rainwater, K.. Anderson, T., Lehman, T., Tock, R., Mollhagen, T., and Ridley, M., 2003. Distribution and Potential Sources of Perchlorate in the High Plains Aquifer, Texas. Progress report published electronically on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website, 90 p.

Lehman, T.M., 2002. Occurrence of perchlorate in relation to aquifer stratigraphy. Submitted for inclusion in draft report to TCEQ on “Distribution and Potential Sources of Perchlorate in the Southern High Plains Aquifer,” TTU Water Resources Center, 13 pages, 1 map, 5 cross-sections.

Lehman, T. 2001. Hydrogeology of the Kniffen Estates Site (Todd Road), Midland, Texas. A report submitted to ETGI Environmental Consulting and Remediation Services, 2 p., 1 figure.

Lehman, T. 2001. Mineralogy of the Ogallala Formation, and lithologic logs of USGS Hale Co. #1 and Castro Co. #1, logs of Bailey Co. “MWR” site, Cochran Co. “Maple” and “JRW” sites. Report submitted to USGS Water Resources Division, Denver, 13 p., 1 table.

Lehman, T. 2000. Hydrogeology of the former Texas Instruments facility, 2301 University Avenue, Lubbock County, Texas. A report submitted for Caldwell Engineering, 6 p., 9 figures.

Lehman, T. 2000. Subsurface geology and ground-water hydrology of north-central Moore County (Block 442), Texas. A report submitted for DC Energy Associates, 5 p., 9 figures.

Lehman, T., and Rainwater, K. 2000. Geology of the WCS - Flying “W” Ranch, Andrews County, Texas. A report (revised following public review from 1999 and resubmitted) to Andrews Industrial Foundation, 95 p., 11 figures.

Rainwater, K., Lehman, T., Urban, L., and Muirhead, D. 2000. Evaluation of the shallow groundwater resources of Andrews County. A report submitted to Andrews Industrial Foundation, 130 p., 34 figures.