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2009 - 2013 U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Agreement Grant, "Sedimentary Petrology of the Ogallala Formation - to establish a database on mineralogy and petrology of the Ogallala Formation for the Southern High Plains region of Texas".

2006-2009 Research Development Grant, Vice President for Research, TTU (with E. Johnson, B.L. Allen, and V.T. Holliday) ”Late Quaternary Landscape and Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Strategies at the Edge of the Llano Estacado”.

2002-2004 Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission Grant (with A. Jackson, K, Rainwater, T. Anderson, L. Urban, T. Mollhagen, and M. Ridley) to TTU Water Resources Center “Perchlorate Assessment in Groundwater of the High Plains Aquifer, Texas”.

1999-2000 Andrews Industrial Foundation Grant (with K. Rainwater and L. Urban) to TTU Water Resources Center “Evaluation of Shallow Groundwater Resources in Andrews County, Texas”.