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Deadline for Summer 2013 Research Scholarship Applications: 5 April 2013 at 5:00 pm

All TTU Geoscience graduate students in good standing are eligible for scholarship support. The Department seeks to use its scholarship funding to support graduate student research during the summer, and students are encouraged to write applications seeking support for a small component of their larger projects that may be successfully completed in the summer months.

A completed application package will consist of:

1) A completed Scholarship Application.
2) A 2-page NSF-style resume.
3) A detailed budget and justification of work to be completed.
4) A 2-page (excluding references) project description that clearly states the problem to be addressed or the hypothesis to be tested, how the research will be conducted and completed in a timely manner, and why the research is important to both your project and within the broader context of Geosciences.

In addition, if a student wishes to use the scholarship in the summer months they must be enrolled for a minimum of 3 research credit hours in either Summer I or Summer II.

Awards are typically up to $1500.

All dispersed funds must be used to support thesis or dissertation research, and will be made on the basis of intellectual merit. Scholarship money may not be used for salary, or costs associated with conference travel and attendance. Scholarship recipients are required to submit a brief report that describes the work accomplished and how the funds were used in the semester immediately following distribution of the scholarship funds.

The application form may be downloaded here.

For more information, contact Dr. Callum Hetherington

The Department of Geosciences at Texas Tech University is pleased to award several scholarships every year to support graduate students. Awards may be made on the basis of academic merit or to support graduate student research activities, particularly during the summer. The Department is most grateful to those who have helped establish endowed funds, or who have made contributions to established funds.

Awards are made from a variety of scholarship funds, including:

  1. The George B. Asquith Geology Fund
  2. The John P. Brand Scholarship, which supports research in the fields of stratigraphy and paleontology.
  3. The E A McCullough Graduate Research Endowment.
  4. The Dr. F. Alton Wade Scholarship, which seeks to support students conducting research in mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry.
  5. The Portnoy Liquidus Geoscience Research Endowment, which is designated to support students pursuing a MS in geology.
  6. The Alonzo Jacka Scholarship supports research in the field of sedimentary petrology, especially as applied to hydrocarbon exploration & production.
  7. Continental Energy Geology Graduate Scholarship
  8. Devon Energy Petroleum Fund
  9. The Geology Scholarship Fund (generously supported by QEP)
  10. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Research Fund
  11. The Dominion Geology Scholarship

If youwould like to contribute to these funds, or any other endowments that promote the Department's continued success and improvement then please consult the information provided here, or contact the Chair of the department directly.

Geological Society of America Graduent Student Research Grants

Application information may be found here.


AAPG Grants in Aid

Application information may be found here.


General University Scholarships & Fellowships

Information for TTU Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships may be found at the Graduate School's Scholarship page.

The Department of Geosciences regularly nominates the highest-ranking incoming Graduate applicants for AT&T Chancellors Fellowships every spring and summer. These prestigious University awards offer $3000/year for M.S. students and $4000/year for Ph.D. students, in addition to other support such as Teaching Assistantships (TA's) and Research Assistantships (RA's). Typically we garner one to two Chancellor's Fellowships to offer prospective graduate applicants per semester. However, these Fellowships are not guaranteed and are available only to the highest-ranked candidates in the University. In order to qualify for these fellowships, new applicants must have their entire file complete with both the Graduate School and the Department of Geosciences by 15 January. Potential thesis advisors will write letters of support for the graduate fellow in advance of their arrival at TTU. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact a potential thesis advisor as you are going through the application process.


For more information, contact the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Seiichi Nagihara.