Texas Tech University

Identity and Resistance in Global Contexts


Identity - individual, collective, cultural, and national - is one of the most important aspects of human life, yet its expression is often taken for granted. However, it is also an aspect that quickly becomes pronounced and debated in times of conflict.

Faculty from six colleges at Texas Tech University, pictured above, are collaborating to address challenges related to population and conflict through classes, a symposium, an exhibition, a concert, and a digital archive. 

Front row: Andrea Jonsson (College of Arts & Sciences), Belinda Kleinhans (A&S), Sarai Brinker (School of Music), Shelley Barba (University Libraries), Alec Cattell (A&S, Principal Investigator)

Back row: Kent Wilkinson (College of Media & Communication), Joe Hodes (Honors College), Julie Zook (College of Architecture)

Identity and Resistance in Global Contexts