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20-21 April 2018                              IRGC Logo

Registration Deadline: 20 March 2018

Presenters will be informed if proposals are accepted by 28 March 2018.

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This symposium provides an intellectual forum to discuss issues of identity, conflict, and resistance in the United States and around the world. It serves as a venue for students and professors to share theoretical and practical approaches from multiple perspectives. It will spark interdisciplinary conversations about how the global challenges of population and conflict can be addressed in a variety of settings.

The goals of the symposium align with the goals of Texas Tech University's current quality enhancement plan (QEP), Communicating in a Global Society. By participating in this symposium, students will achieve two specific goals:

1. Students will develop communication skills in a variety of media that are appropriate to their disciplines and focus on developing them within a global context.

2. Students will successfully apply these communication skills in a range of situations with audiences, both local and global.

Thanks to the generous support of TTU's Center for Global Communication, there is no registration fee.

Register for the symposium here!

We invite contributions in diverse formats that address the global challenge themes of Population and Conflict, with a special focus on Identity and Resistance. Your contribution may be in one of the following formats:

• Papers
• Digital stories
• Digital portfolios
• Podcasts
• Original music
• Webpages
• Photographic documentation of sites of conflict
• Three dimensional projects
• Others...

Why participate?

-Showcase your creative and critical work in the digital collection on Identity & Resistance in Global Contexts

-Win scholarship money for your presentation
       Best student presentation: $1,000
       Runner-up presentation: $750
       Third place presentation: $500

-Build your resume

-Network with others working on similar themes

-Enjoy 5 free meals during the symposium

-Mingle with musicians at the reception and exhibition on April 20th

-Attend a free performance of Martha Redbone's Bone Hill  on April 21st

Are you faculty, staff, or a graduate student at Texas Tech and want to participate in the symposium? Register here to be a session moderator or judge!


Identity and Resistance in Global Contexts