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Interdisciplinary Studies Admissions

To apply to the Interdisciplinary Studies program, interested students must complete an application to the Texas Tech University Graduate School. Interdisciplinary Studies (self-design) program applications are not made to individual program areas.

Additional Requirements:

Areas of Study:

Every Interdisciplinary Studies student must have 3 areas of study from a minimum of 2 different colleges within Texas Tech University. In order to identify the areas of study for your MA/MS degree, prospective applicants should use the Graduate Catalog for a full list of possible programs.

Once the student has decided their 3 areas they need to complete a Departmental Questionnaire. This is a program requirement that addresses the applicants:

  • Three areas of study being proposed and how they fit together
  • Applicants background and how they areas of study will help the applicant meet career or other goals beyond the degree

Contact Program Director:

The next step in the applications process is to contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator or Academic Advisor who will work with you to discuss your chosen areas of study and navigate the application process.

Applicants must also have an overall undergraduate or graduate GPA of a 3.0 or above. If a student does not meet this requirement, it is strongly suggested that they contact each department they are interested in for a letter of recommendation. The letters should express your skill sets and knowledge to succeed in graduate level courses. For further information, contact the coordinator of the program in the Graduate School office.

Review Process:

Once all application requirements are complete with the TTU Graduate School and the Interdisciplinary Studies program, your application will be review for a decision. Applications are reviewed using a holistic admissions process considering all required elements of the application.

For More Information

For more information about admission into INDS programs, email us at inds.gradschool@ttu.edu

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