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The curriculum consists of almost all the University's graduate courses, as long as the stated prerequisites and consent of instructors are obtained. A very small number of programs have some courses restricted to their major. Each program will be individually developed according to the student's interests and background. At least three different departments/areas must be represented and no more than 12 hours may be presented in one area. A maximum of 18 hours total coursework is permitted in any college except Arts and Sciences (this means Agriculture, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Human Sciences), with no more than 12 hours allowed in any subject. No more than 12 hours may be taken from the Rawls College of Business. Any combination involving these colleges requires work in at least two or more colleges. The entire program may be done in Arts and Sciences, but with no more than 12 hours in any subject area. Students who elect the thesis option will take a minimum of 6 hours INDS 6000; the thesis must involve an interdisciplinary subject. Students under this option must have a committee comprised of members from at least 2 departments.

Modifications can be made by consulting respective advisors.