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Non-Thesis Option

During the final semester of enrollment, each non-thesis student will complete the final comprehensive component of their degree that will take into account the broad program of study and the need to demonstrate the ability to integrate and relate the materials covered in the coursework. Although termed a "comprehensive examination," this is a capstone exercise designed to help the student pull a diverse program together. The non-thesis options include

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Students will consult with the Interdisciplinary Studies advisor who must approve the three-person review committee. One of the committee members will serve as the chair of the committee. Students must consult with the committee members concerning the final comprehensive component of their degree program. 

The examination committee is drawn from professors in each of the colleges or subject areas under which the student has studied, and is selected by the student in consultation with the program advisor. The examination will be comprehensive in breadth, requiring the student to draw upon material covered in the broad array of courses taken with a view toward integration and synthesis. Questions may involve hypothetical problems, or they may test theories from various disciplines, concern problems encountered in the student's non-academic career, or address other similar interdisciplinary areas.