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Pre-designed Programs

The Pre-designed programs are usually structured, requiring that many courses be taken in the department of specialization. Some allow an optional minor (6-9 hours) and may permit it to be in another department. Many programs have required "core" or foundation courses and additional requirements called "tool" courses (languages, computer courses, etc.). Students who do not have an undergraduate major in the field in question may also be required to do "leveling work," to place them on a level of preparation comparable to that of other graduate students in the department. The Pre-designed programs include:

Applied Linguistics

A Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics is offered through the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literature. You may select a 36-hour non-thesis or a 30-hour plus thesis option in either general applied linguistics or in teaching English as a second or foreign language. Interested students may contact Dr. GRETA GORSUCH (mail: greta.gorsuch@ttu.edu), Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. See discussion of graduate linguistics in the interdisciplinary programs listed in the opening section of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Environmental Evaluation

Students may gain a holistic view of environmental evaluation by taking courses that focus upon problems and techniques relating to natural resources and their utilization. Work in geography, geology, land and water management, atmospheric sciences, and other disciplines is tailored to each student's interests. Persons interested in this plan should contact Dr. Jeff Lee (mail: jeff.lee@ttu.edu) in the Department of Geosciences.

International Affairs

This interdisciplinary concentration focuses on problems that are international in scope. Students may focus on problems that are global in nature, such as international business/economics or international security/conflict, or they may focus on problems that are regional in scope. The regions available for emphasis in this program are as follows: Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Post-Soviet Europe. Students will have the Department of Political Science as their home department but will also take courses in and work with faculty from the Department of History, the Department of Economics, or any other department that matches their interests. Interested students should contact Dr. Frank Thames (mail: frank.thames@ttu.edu), Department of Political Science, 806.742.4049.

Peirce Studies

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), a true American genius, made major contributions to logic, mathematics, language studies, history of science, specific areas of science such as chemistry and physics, and philosophy, among others. His ideas are being explored in fields as diverse as semeiotic and artificial intelligence. Students enrolled in Peirce Studies will normally take 6 to 9 hours of PRAG 5000 and at least 30 additional hours in several defined areas, depending upon each student's future educational or occupational goals. For more details, contact Dr. Kenneth Laine Ketner (mail: kenneth.ketner@ttu.edu), director of the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, 806.742.3128.

Women's Studies

The interdisciplinary concentration of graduate work focuses on the changing position of women in society. Selected courses are offered in history, sociology, anthropology, and psychology with related work available in business administration, the humanities, and other areas of the social sciences. An emphasis on women's studies may be pertinent to careers in education, management, and personnel relations as well as in the administration and delivery of social services to families, women, and children. Interested students should contact the director of the Women's Studies Program, 806.742.4335, womens.studies@ttu.edu.

Other Options

Studies of an interdisciplinary nature offer almost limitless combinations. Students may select from graduate offerings in almost the entire catalog and from the graduate offerings of the School of Law and the Health Sciences Center. Those interested in a customized program should contact Associate Deans Clifford Fedler (mail: clifford.fedler@ttu.edu) in the Graduate School.