Texas Tech University

Thesis Dissertation Format

Microsoft Word 2007 and Acrobat 8.0

If you have already switched to MSWord 2007 but do not yet have access to Acrobat 8 but do have Acrobat 7, you will need to save your Word document as a .doc file for the PDF conversion to be possible. Please contact Allison Belisle etd.gradschool@ttu.edu with any software questions pertaining to the submission of your thesis or dissertation.


Formatting HOW TOs:

MS Word 2007

  • Use Styles
  • Create Sections (for varying page numbering or changing page orientation)
  • Make an Automated Table of Contents

Formatting EXAMPLES:

MS Word 2007

  • Front Matter
  • Main Text
  • Back Matter

LaTEX Templates

Currently the Graduate School does not supply an approved LaTEX template. Please be aware that using LaTEX does not remove your responsibility to make changes to your formatting when asked to do so by the Graduate School. Please be sure that you know how to customize your class files when using LaTEX for formatting.

More Information

For more information please contact Dissertation Supervisor: Allison Belisle (etd.gradschool@ttu.edu) 806.834.5163