Texas Tech University

Important Information for Admitted Students from Chinese Universities

Texas Tech University Graduate School requires all admitted students who have completed education in China to have their official academic records (transcripts and degrees) verified by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) or the China Academic Degree and Graduate Information Center (CDGDC). You may submit either CHESICC or CDGDC reports, whichever you choose. Please note that you must order both Chinese-language and English-language versions of each report. Information on what to submit from each organization is below.


If you have completed postsecondary or university study, please arrange to have the following issued through CHESICC (http://www.chsi.com.cn/) and sent directly to graduate.admissions@ttu.edu:

Post-Secondary Students (not graduated)

• Online Verification Report of Student Record (学籍在线验证报告)

• Verification Report of China Higher Education Student's Academic Transcript (大学成绩认证报告) Post-Secondary Graduates

• Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate (高等教育学历认证报告) • Verification Report of China Higher Education Student's Academic Transcript (大学成绩认证报告)

CDGDC: http://www.chinadegrees.cn

Degree Certificates and Graduation Diplomas for completed programs

• Please request that CDGDC send copies of your verification reports (认证报告) directly to Texas Tech University Office of Graduate Admissions.

• You may send a copy of your verification reports to us at graduate.admissions@ttu.edu, or you may request a copy be sent to our postal address listed below. You will have until the twelfth (12th) class day of the term to which you are admitted to submit these verification reports. If you are not able to provide the verification reports by that date, a hold will be placed on your record until the verification reports are received. Questions? Please contact graduate.admissions@ttu.edu.