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2015 Arts and Humanities Research Conference Results

2015 Arts & Humanities Conference

We at the Graduate School wish to give our most heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the 5th Annual Arts and Humanities Graduate School Research Paper Conference. At Texas Tech University, we strive to create an environment interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. This year's conference hosted 10 panels ranging from ancient architectural and anthropological culture to the fictional reaches of Star Trek and video games. Panels were crafted to achieve the most diverse, yet coherent, presentation possible. Disciplines that almost never intertwine were connected and related, bringing in new perspectives on current research topics. With at least three judges per panel and three students per panel, we had great turn-out. We were humbled by those who helped make this conference a success and wish to give our gratitude in making this year's event a continuing tradition of excellence.


We especially wish to thank Emily Wilkinson for presenting her Keynote Address regarding the benefits and processes of Texas Tech's Public Art Collection.

Conference Results

Best of Conference Awardee

Hannah Percival, Fine Arts – College of Visual and Performing Arts
Musical Bonding: An Interdisciplinary Theory

Best of Paper Awardee

Sara Banschbach

Panel Awardees

Adjusting the Lens: New Perspectives

  • First Place: James Kunz,Philosophy – College of Arts and Sciences
    Religious Cognitive Attitudes: Beliefs of Fictional Imaginings?
  • Runner-Up: Jesse Thomas,Curriculum and Instruction – College of Education
    Working Toward Successful Mixed Educational Programs

Art as Disruptor and Conservator

  • Tied For First Place: Melissa Miller,Fine Arts Theatre – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    Theatre: A Means of Oppression and Escape
  • Tied For First Place: Susan Stone-Lawrence,Fine Arts – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    "When We Gonna Rise": Free Southern Theater Performances of Slave Ship and Black Power in Mississippi

Bridging the Academic and Professional

  • First Place: Lua A. V. Augustin,Personal Financial Planning – College of Human Sciences
    Does Financial Literacy Increase Demand for Financial Planners?
  • Runner-Up: Kerry Manis,Hospitality Administration – College of Human Sciences
    Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Perception in the Hotel Industry

Challenging Perceptions of Language

  • First Place: Sarah Banschbach- Valles,English, College of Arts and Sciences
    "O more than Moone": Inverting Cosmological Tropes in John Donne's Epithalamia
  • Runner-Up: Hsiao Hsuan Hung & Taichi Yamashita,Languages & Cultures, College of Human Sciences
    The Investigation of Strategy Use by English Learners of Chinese and Japanese for Hanzi and Kanji Learning

Contextual Approach to Disease and Addiction

  • First Place: Ashlee Taylor,Nutritional Sciences - College of Human Sciences
    Qualitative Research Identifies Intervention Needs of Military Parents to Prevent Childhood Obesity.

Environment and Experience

  • First Place: Hannah Percival,Fine Arts – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    Musical Bonding: An Interdisciplinary Theory
  • Runner-Up: Jennifer Duckworth,Mass Communications – College of Media and Communications
    Evaluating Privacy Concern through the Extended Parallel Process Model for Adaptive Behavior Response

Imperialism and Episteme

  • First Place: Dina Hassan,English – College of Arts and Sciences
    Contract Literature: Ahdaf Soueif and the Anglo-Arab Encounter

Lingua Rhetorica

  • First Place: David Vialard,Technical Communications – College of Arts and Science
    Audio Description as a Tool for Linguistic Worldview Creation
  • Runner-Up: Scott Morris,English – College of Arts and Sciences
    All of He and One of Them

One-Act Plays

  • First Place: William Sinclair,Fine Arts Theatre – College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Runner-Up: Erin Grogan,Fine Arts Theatre – College of Visual and Performing Arts

The Unexpected as Epistemic

  • First Place: Samantha Mitchell,Anthropology – College of Arts and Sciences
    Dismemberment in Central America: Microscopic and Macroscopic Analysis of Cut-Marks Produced by

Central American and Northern American Machetes

  • Runner-Up: Francesca Vega,Public Administration – College of Arts and Sciences
    Gender and Terminal Classic Sculpture at Chichén Itzá

Woman as Point of Departure

  • First Place: Katharine Scherff,Fine Arts – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    Saint Helena: A Model for Female Pilgrimage
  • Runner-Up: Erin Cawley,Theatre Arts – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    "No Use For": Unraveling the Abbey Theatre's Rejection of Teresa Deevy