Texas Tech University

15th Annual Graduate Research Poster Competition

Friday, March 25th, the Texas Tech Graduate School held the 15th Annual Graduate Research Poster Competition the Helen DeVitt Jones Sculpture Court at the Museum of Texas Tech University. This competition is a chance for students to present their research before they represent Texas Tech at both national and international research conferences. The students presented research in many diverse fields including; psychology, education, engineering, human and agricultural sciences as well as many other disciplines. They were to answer questions regarding their research to members of the university as well as the Lubbock community.

There were a record number of over 230 poster entries this year with 150 being selected for judging. From the selected posters, the Poster Competition Award Recipients were announced on Wednesday, April 6th, at the Graduate Student Award Ceremony in the Helen DeVitt Jones Sculpture Court at the Museum of Texas Tech University.

We would like to express our appreciation to the Museum of Texas Tech for hosting this year's poster session and Awards Ceremony.

2016 Poster Competition Pictures

Photo Credits: Anita Morris


2016 Poster Competition Winners by Category

A Focus on the Arts Place
Rebecca Schultz First-Place
Hannah Percival Runner-Up
Distance Place
Alexandra Owens First-Place
Ecobehavior Place
Cristina Rios Blanco First-Place
Nicte Ordonez Garza Runner-Up
Engineering the Micro & the Mighty I Place
Fuda Ning First-Place
Ashish Joshi Runner-Up
Engineering the Micro & the Mighty II Place
Marshal Wigwe First-Place
Rozbeh Moghaddam Runner-Up
Exploring, Learning, & Teaching I Place
Gail Alleyne Bayne First-Place
Jesse Thomas Runner-Up
Exploring, Learning, & Teaching II Place
Ashley Matter First-Place
Mehmet Akif Cihan & Genc Osman Ilhan Runner-Up
Families & Relationships Place
Cary Oldham First-Place
Ivette Noriega Runner-Up
Food, Power, & Health Place
Bong Thi Nguyen First-Place
Kwaku Antwi Runner-Up
Hospitality in Different Contexts Place
Mara Driscoll First-Place
Ayman Harb Runner-Up
Human-Plant Interactions Place
Nana Yaw Kusi First-Place
Addissu Gebre Ayele Runner-Up
Humans and Their Environment Place
Michael Ross First-Place
Sahar Mihandoust Runner-Up
Inside the Microverse I Place
Suchithra Raveendar First-Place
Maliha Tabassum Munir Runner-Up
Inside the Microverse II Place
Keelyn Hanlon Tied for First-Place
Nadeeja Wijayatunga Tied for First-Place
MD Khurshidul Zahid Runner-Up
International Food Issues Place
Gabriela Alejandra Arteaga Arredondo First-Place
Rezgar Mohammed Runner-Up
Investigating Behavior & Control Place
Mindi Price First-Place
Manju Chawla Runner-Up
Modelling Micro-Enviornments Place
Jaspreet Kaur First-Place
Md Rakib Rashel Runner-Up
Models: From the Lab, to the Classroom, to the World Place
Akshaya Ramachandran First-Place
Yi Liu Runner-Up
New & Improved I Place
Tharanga Kumara Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage First-Place
Aravind Raghu & Sanketh Kasupa Runner-Up
New & Improved II Place
Sumedha Liyanage First-Place
Ozhan Gecgel & Shweta Dabetwar Runner-Up
Our Impact on the Environment I Place
Sreerama Krishna Sama First-Place
Evelyn Gabriela Reategui Zirena Runner-Up
Our Impact on the Environment II Place
Roxana Jahanbakhsh Javid First-Place
Ezinne Adabaram Osuji Runner-Up
Plant Use & Food Place
Ilan Alexander Arvelo Yagua First-Place
Md Jasim Uddin Runner-Up
Understanding Self & Others I Place
Elizabeth Green First-Place
Timothy Kelley Runner-Up
Understanding Self & Others II Place
Elizabeth Niedbala First-Place
Ethan Dahl Runner-Up
Work with Unique Realworld Implications Place
Apoorva Rane First-Place
Mahshad Kazem Zadeh Runner-Up



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