Texas Tech University

2018 Arts and Humanities Research Conference Results

We at the Graduate School wish to give our most heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the 8th Annual Arts and Humanities Graduate School Research Paper Conference. At Texas Tech University, we strive to create an environment interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. This year's conference hosted 9 panels ranging from Contemporary Issues to Traditional Media Analysis. Panels were crafted to achieve the most diverse, yet coherent, presentation possible. Disciplines that almost never intertwine were connected and related, bringing in new perspectives on current research topics. With at least three judges per panel and three students per panel, we had great turn-out. We were humbled by those who helped make this conference a success and wish to give our gratitude in making this year's event a continuing tradition of excellence.

Conference Results

Panel Awardees

Contemporary Issues

  • First Place: Kerry Chavez, Political Science
    Parasites and Protozoa: Political Hyperbole and Attitudes towards Immigration
  • Runner-Up: Bingbing Zhang, Mass Communications
    #MeToo in Higher Education Institutions: Informational Cascades in Chinese Social Media

Contemporary Media Analysis

  • First Place: Sarah Schiffecker, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures 
    Showing the 'Right Picture' - A Taste of the Xenophobic World of the 'HC Man'
  • Runner-Up: Dora Aranda, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures 
    The Dominican-American Bicultural Identity Conveyed Through Code-switching, Spanglish, and "Englañol" in Junot Diaz's Short Story Collections Drown and This is How You Lose Her

Culture and Communication

  • First Place: Andrew Kagumba, Music
    The Batwa Touristic Trail: Performing as 'Other', Recovering the 'Self'
  • Runner-Up: Ma Angela Labador, Communication Studies
    Pain, Borders, and Migration: The Other (Embodied) Side of Immigration

    Health and Well-Being
  • First Place: Fengqian Chen, Environmental Toxicology
    CRISPR-carrying nanoparticles edit the genome
  • Runner-Up: Eman Nasrallah, Design
    Integrating physical design solutions to reduce feelings of hopelessness among elderly residents of a long-term facility

Impact of Design

  • First Place: Jessie Dodington, Art
    A Phenomenology of Landscape: How Embodied Experience, Movement and Mapping Contribute to a Phenomenological Methodology of Landscape Painting. 
  • Runner-Up: Rana Bazaid, Design
    Design a Visitor Center with a Travel Agency

Instruction and Learning

  • First Place: Dina Lopez, English
    I Wrote a Letter
  • Runner-Up: Laura Lennis-Cortes, Music
    How Expertise Affects Learning: A Comparison of the Practice Behaviors of University Piano Students

Financial Planning

  • First Place: Christopher Crouch, Personal Financial Planning
    The Hidden Rick of Retirement: Retirement's Impact on Physical Health

Traditional Media Analysis

  • First Place: Shelby Oubre, English
    Rhetorical Mimicry in Paradise Lost: The Justification of Mankind
  • Runner-Up: Morgan Noble, English
    The Masculine Sister: Morgan Le Fay as Male in Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur

One-Act Plays

Excellence in Directing

  • First Place: Lindsay Rigney, Theatre Arts
  • Runner-Up: Jennifer Ezell, Fine Arts
    "I effing love you man"

Excellence in Playwright

  • First Place: Dayday Robinson, Theatre Arts
  • Runner-Up: Garret Milton, Fine Arts