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Graduate Enrollment Enhancement Program


The purpose of the Enrollment Enhancement Fund is to assist departments in their recruitment efforts. Requests for GEEP funds must be made in the context of department/program recruitment plan. Only ONE request from each Department/Chair or INDS Program will be funded each year. GEEP funds from the Graduate School must be leveraged from other institutional resources (e.g., department, college, etc.); a match of at least 1:1 is required. Proposals must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the proposed recruitment activity. Please Note: All expenditures on GEEP funds must be submitted with a travel voucher, purchase order, or procurement card.

What Gets Funded?

One of the most successful uses of Enrollment Enhancement funding has been to support student visits to the campus, especially group events such as in-person or virtual “recruitment weekends.” Other uses of these funds have included support for Tech recruiting booths at national or regional conferences, buying names from the ETS (Educational Testing Service) Locater Service, and setting up contacts in the region. Priority will be given to student visits to campus and innovative ideas.

Examples of activities that have previously been funded include the following:

  Department/program recruitment at recruitment fairs/conferences: The Graduate School may subsidize a portion of the cost to participate at dedicated recruitment fairs as well as recruitment activities at professional conferences. It should be noted that the GEEP support for the later may only be used for recruitment-specific activities (e.g., cost of booth) and NOT for the support of travel (see below). The Graduate School can provide banners, table drapes, and promotional materials for your booth.
  Brochures & departmental literature: Mention of the Graduate School's website must be made on the brochure when requesting shared funding. The Graduate School may be able to assist in the design and printing of brochures and other literature.
  Innovative Ideas: Buying names; special projects to increase recruitment from Mexico and Latin America; special initiatives with the National Physical Science Consortium; special partnerships with master's-only institutions; and initiating efforts to establish permanent exchanges between institutions, etc.

What Doesn't Get Funded?

  General Faculty Travel: While it is recognized that many faculty do recruit potential students to do graduate work at professional meetings, it is also part of their professional obligations and support for such travel will not be provided.
  Entertainment and food: GEEP funds cannot be used for food or entertainment costs for prospective students.

Guidelines for Completing the Application:

GEEP applications will be reviewed by Associate Deans of the Graduate School who the make recommendations for funding. Applicants receive an e-mail confirmation/commitment with instructions on how to proceed. Please note: Only one application will be funded per department each year.

Reporting on Funded Activities

Awardees are required to submit a report on the funded activity to the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School. These reports must include 1) a summary of how the money was spent and 2) how the activity impacted graduate recruitment. Be as specific as possible and use demonstrable measures of success wherever possible. All reports are reviewed to assess the success of the program and may influence future GEEP funding.