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Faculty Members

NameCollege/DepartmentCodeStart TermEnd Term
Aliza Wong, Ph.D.Arts & Sciences, History220122014
Ann Hawkins, Ph.D.Humanities, English120112014
Bill Poirier, Ph.D.Arts & Sciences, Chemistry220132015
Carla Myers, Ph.D.University College1020132016
Claudia Cogliser, Ph.D.Rawls College of Business, Business Administration120112014
Jeffery Lastrapes, Ph.D.Visual and Performing Arts, Music, School of Music320132014
Jeffrey S Nesbit, Ph.D.Architecture120132016
Jorgelina Orfila, Ph.D.Visual & Performing Arts120122015
Matt Baker, Ph.D.CASNR, Agricultural Education & Communications120132016
Ram Iyer, Ph.D.Math and Sciences120112014
Robin Lock, Ph.D.Education, Education EPL120132016
Simon Hsiang, PH.D.Engineering, Industrial Engineering120132016
Stephen Cook, Ph.D.Arts & Sciences, Psychology120122015
Sterling Shumway, Ph.D.Human Sciences, Comm Family and Addiction Svcs120132016
Weiwu Zhang, Ph.D.Media and Communication120132016

Membership Code:

  1. Eleven members of and elected by the Graduate Faculty for three-year terms, voting
  2. Two members at large of the Graduate Faculty recommended by the Graduate Dean for two-year terms, voting
  3. One member from the Faculty Senate, appointed for one year by the Faculty Senate on rotating basis, voting
  4. The Graduate Dean, Ex-officio and nonvoting
  5. Associate Deans of the Graduate School, ex-officio and nonvoting
  6. A Vice Provost, ex-officio and nonvoting
  7. One member of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Ex-officio and nonvoting
  8. Vice President for Graduate Affairs, Student Government Association, Ex-officio and nonvoting
  9. One representative from the University Library System, ex-officio and nonvoting
  10. One representative from the University College, Ex-officio and nonvoting