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External Fellowships & Grants


External fellowships for graduate and postdoctoral studies are available from many organizations outside Texas Tech University, including state and federal agencies, private foundations, non-profit groups, and international organizations. A variety of support is offered, from one-time awards to multi-year support for living expenses, educational fees, conference travel and/or research for beginning to advanced graduate student and postdoctoral levels. In addition to helping fund your education, external grants and fellowships are a great academic honor and help distinguish your academic scholarship.

Full-time fellowship recipients are required to submit one (1) application for external fellowship/grant support during each year they receive funding.

  • We have a variety of resources to help students find external fellowships and scholarships. Our website has links to an Internal Database as well as External Databases such as COS Pivot, grants.gov, and a few other places that will be helpful. These sites are free to Texas Tech students and are where students should look first. If you cannot find anything on these sites, Google may be helpful.
    • You may also find something by speaking with your advisor or department as they may know something that would be good for you in your field.
    • ANY type of support including fellowship, travel, small research grant, or any other activity from an agency outside of Texas Tech would fulfill the external application requirement.
    • If you find something and want to verify that it will count, you can always email us and ask. We will be happy to verify before you apply.
  • Once you identify the external fellowship you wish to apply for, you need to submit you application to the graduate school website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/fellowships/submit.php. After you submit this, you will still need to submit the proposal to the external funding agency.

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships will help you find and apply for fellowship opportunities that meet your needs.


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