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Robin Lock (Associate Dean, Graduate Education, Research, and Administration) robin.lock@ttu.edu
Location: 110A Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.3976
Prospective Students
Nefertiti Beck  (Student Services Coordinator – Curriculum & Instruction) nefertiti.beck@ttu.edu
Location: 110F Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.1172
Heather Kruk  (Student Services Coordinator – Educational Psychology and Leadership) heather.kruk@ttu.edu
Location: 110A Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.6668
Ashley Penner (Admissions Coordinator) ashley.penner@ttu.edu
Location: 100B Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.7568
Current Students
Stephenie A. Jones (Advisor) stephenie.a.jones@ttu.edu
Location: 105 Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.2751
April Chavez (Advisor) april.chavez@ttu.edu
Location: 100C Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.5629

Curriculum and Instruction

Note: Additional departmental applications are required for all graduate programs in the College of Education which includes the MED, EDD, and the Ph.D.

For more information, please see:


Bilingual Education

Eva Midobuche eva.midobuche@ttu.edu
Location: 381  Telephone: 806.834.1194
Degree Programs Offered: Bilingual Education: MEd

Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Peggie Price (Chair; Doctoral Program Coordinator) peggie.price@ttu.edu
Location: 368 Education; MS 107 Telephone: 806.834.4347
Degree Programs Offered:

Curriculum and Instruction: MEd, PhD.

Emphasis in Bilingual / ESL, Language+Literacy, Curriculum Studies/ Teacher Education, Physical Education+Sports Science  


Language and Literacy

Mellinee Lesley(Program Coordinator) mellinee.lesley@ttu.edu
Location: 331 Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.1186
Degree Programs Offered: Language/Literacy: MEd

Educational Psychology and Leadership

Note: Additional departmental applications are required for all graduate programs in the College of Education which includes the MED, EDD, and the Ph.D. Following is the web address to access our prospective handbooks which includes an overview of the program you wish to apply, course requirements, application materials you are required to turn in before your application is reviewed for each individual program area in our college.

Counselor Education

L. J. Gould lj.gould@ttu.edu
Location: 205 Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.4224
Degree Programs Offered: Counselor Education: MEd, PhD

Educational Leadership

Joe Claudet (Masters & Doctoral) joe.claudet@ttu.edu
Location:  Telephone: 
Degree Programs Offered: Educational Leadership: MEd, EdD

Educational Psychology

Eugene Wang eugene.wang@ttu.edu
Location: 378 Education; MS 1071
Telephone: 806.834.3787
Degree Programs Offered: Educational Psychology: MEd, PhD

Higher Education

Joni Sanders (Unit Coordinator) joni.sanders@ttu.edu
Location: Education 310; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.5722
David Jones (Master's Advising) djones.jones@ttu.edu
Location: Education 309; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.0989
Degree Programs Offered: Higher Education: MEd, EdD (online), PhD
Stephanie Jones (Doctoral advising) stephanie.j.jones@ttu.edu
Location: Education 305; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.1380
Degree Programs Offered: Higher Education: MEd, EdD (online), PhD

Instructional Technology

Jongpil Cheon jongpil.cheon@ttu.edu
Location: 265 Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.2052
Degree Programs Offered: Instructional Technology: MEd, EdD

Special Education

Note: Additional departmental application requirements.

Donna (Dee) Brown donna.brown@ttu.edu
Location: MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.2940
Degree Programs Offered: Special Education: MEd, PhD

Professional and Supplemental Certification

Donna Brasher (Professional) donna.brasher@ttu.edu
Location: 106A Education; MS 1071 Telephone: 806.834.2518
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