Texas Tech University

CH Humanities Fellows Program Winners

Entreprenurism for Creatives


Sharran Parkinson, Ph.D.

Department: Design


Vickie Hampton, Ph.D.

Department: Personal Financial Planning


Deborah Fowler, Ph.D.

Department: Hospitality and Retail Management


Erin Hamilton, Ph.D.

Department: Design

The CH Humanities Fellows Program at Texas Tech University notes that “two-thirds of PhDs will have non-academic careers” and that it is “imperative to structure education…to more broadly prepare humanities PhDs to make critical contributions to society.” Interested graduate students perhaps should be equipped with entrepreneurial resources, thought processes, and skills to explore the possibilities of pairing their innovative ideas into the business or industry sectors. If arts and humanities students become successful entrepreneurs, might their revolutions improve standards of living while promoting aesthetics? In addition to creating an income for themselves from innovative ventures, they also may create jobs for others and better conditions for a healthy society. For example... read more

Internships in Applied Humanistic Anthropology


Lauren Griffith, Ph.D.

Department: Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Anna Novotny, Ph.D.

Department: Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Like all humanists, anthropologists have an extremely broad purview. Yet anthropology students often have trouble seeing job possibilities outside of academia. True, few job ads are explicitly calling for anthropologists to apply, but the skills that anthropologists possess—critical thinking, cultural literacy, the ability to analyze complex questions, persuasive writing—are in high demand. Unfortunately, most students have very limited exposure to what kinds of jobs are available to them in the applied sector (e.g. market research, research and design consultant, diversity educator). This is even more true for humanistic anthropologists and those with M.A. rather than Ph.D. degrees. Whereas someone with a masters in archaeology... read more

Land Arts of the American West Image Archive


Chris Taylor

Department: Architecture


Sara Schumacher

Department: Libraries

Land Arts of the American West Image Archive is a yet untapped repository of nearly 250,000 digital images created over the course of seventeen field seasons, ten while the program has operated from Lubbock. The archive contains a wealth of information about the evolving history of the program, sites visited, field experience, and student works. Yet, currently, there is no mechanism for this material to be available to students, scholars, or the general public. This project seeks support to strategize, develop and compose a large grant proposal to process the archive as a digital project in the Texas Tech Libraries Architecture Image Collections. Potential large grants... read more