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Amalyssa Johnson - Clinical Psychology

Amalyssa Johnson completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2006. During her tenure as a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program, Amalyssa studied the relationship between children identified by their peers as rejected and aggressive; and their social reasoning skills, emotionality, and emotion understanding. Amalyssa completed her research under the supervision of Drs. Gary Fireman and Jim Clopton. It was an externship during her second year in the Clinical program at Lubbock Independent School District, though that sparked Amalyssa’s interest in her current passion of psychological assessment and treatment of children with psychological disorders. Amalyssa worked for the Lubbock Independent School District under the supervision of Dr. Fireman for 2 years where she was trained in the assessment of psychological disorders and report writing. This training prepared Amalyssa for her internship during her final year of the Clinical program in the Department of Psychological Services at Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston, Texas. Amalyssa conducted assessment and therapy at the elementary, middle, and high school level during her internship. Amalyssa also received specific training in the assessment of children with autism spectrum disorders at Cypress-Fairbanks. Once entering into the workforce after graduate school, it was clear that the training Amalyssa had received in assessment and treatment of psychological disorders was more than sufficient to allow her to be successful in these domains.

Amalyssa Johnson - Clinical Psychology The Clinical program at Texas Tech not only offered Amalyssa experience in psychological assessment but it also offered her clinical experiences working at the Canyon Lakes Residential Treatment Center, Texas Tech University Counseling Center, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Lubbock. Amalyssa was also the recipient of the nationally-recognized Lilly Endowment, an Incorporated Scholarship of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, in San Francisco, California; as well as departmental scholarships each year as a student in the Clinical program. After the completion of her doctorate degree, Amalyssa pursued licensure as a Specialist in School Psychology and as a Psychologist. Amalyssa was licensed as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychologist (the license required to practice psychology in public schools in Texas) in 2006 and as a Licensed Psychologist in 2008. In 2008, Amalyssa and her husband moved to Abilene, Texas where her husband teaches at Hardin-Simmons University in the Holland School of Math and Sciences. Amalyssa's training and qualifications allowed her to work in private practice after moving to Abilene. She presently is the Clinical Director at a private counseling center. Amalyssa has worked in private practice since 2008 where the majority of her work continues to be the psychological assessment of children, namely of children with autism spectrum disorders. Her present job also allows her the freedom to conduct therapy with children and their families as well as with adolescents and adults. Amalyssa presently consults with her supervising professor Dr. Clopton regularly, as she continues to hold her training and the insight of her professors, who are now her colleagues, in the highest esteem.