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Arts and Humanities Conference Call for Volunteers

Judges and Moderators

You are invited to volunteer to act as judges and moderators

The Texas Tech University Graduate School is pleased to announce the second annual Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Conference, which will feature paper presentations by TTU graduate students. This conference, highlighting the research of graduate students working in the arts and humanities will be held October 25-26, 2013.

The judges do not need to be specialists in the disciplines to be able to judge presentations on the basis or how well the students present to audiences outside their discipline. This event brings together the best of our communities to promote the richness of the Arts and Humanities participation.

If you are interested in acting as a panel judge or panel moderator, please check the schedule and contact Anastasia Coles to request a slot (carleigh.smith@ttu.edu) or 806.834.5356.

Judges will listen to all three presentations in a panel, give numerical scores according to a rubric and give notes and critiques to the presenters. Judges are also invited to participate in panel question and answer periods.

Moderators will help ensure that the panels run smoothly, that the presenters stay within their allotted time, and they will collect the judges' rubrics.