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Texas Tech University assures GOT Partnership Agreement participants that they will be able to enroll in courses that permit graduation in the specified and mutually agreed upon time period. The plan does not apply to programs combining a baccalaureate and master's degree.   Nor does the plan apply to certificate only programs.  Texas Tech will ensure the availability of courses or the department and college offering the major will choose one of the following procedures as the exclusive remedy for GOT contract signers:

Because dropping courses delays graduation, first-year freshmen enrolling in Texas Tech University for the first time in the fall 2007 academic term or any subsequent term will be limited to a total of six dropped courses (DGs) from all Texas institutions of higher education attended during their undergraduate academic career.  Students may use their limited drops (DGs) up to the 45th class day of the long semesters and the 15th class day of the shorter summer terms.  Students must initiate a drop by following the university's procedures for dropping a course.  When all six DGs have been used, the student must complete all courses for which he/she enrolls. Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the university before the end of the semester will not have to use their DGs for withdrawal.

Only grades of D or F may be replaced.The most recent passing grade will replace all grades of D or F in that course.    Student may repeat a course only once at the normal tuition rate.  Additional tuition may be charged for courses taken more than two times.