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Career Information for HDFS Graduates

How can you best prepare yourself for professional jobs using skills gained in the HDFS major? This website can help you to explore your many options.

Section I outlines important steps in career preparation during your undergraduate years. Information is also provided about certification as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) or for public school teaching, as well as graduate degrees, including an index of colleges and universities with HDFS-related graduate programs. A community practicum or internship-–either nationally or internationally--can provide valuable experience before you commit to a particular career direction.

Sections II and III explain over 20 different career categories where HDFS graduates are frequently employed. Look over the list of representative job descriptions in each category.

You may also get individual advising and skills testing from Stephanie Wehmeier in the Human Sciences Career Advising office. Dr. Nancy Bell faculty associate in HDFS and certification officer for the CFLE certification, would also be happy to talk with you.

Section I | Introduction

The HDFS degree is excellent preparation for many occupations that involve human services delivery. In this section, we provide information on how to find a career that is right for you. For more information on careers that look interesting, you can follow up on the sources listed in this section.

Section II | Careers of Interest to HDFS Graduates

Our graduates are frequently hired as caseworkers or administrators by agencies such as the Children’s Protective Services, the Child Advocacy Center, Ronald McDonald House, Mental Health and Mental Retardation, and adoption services. Career possibilities also include teaching family life education in schools, churches, the YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other United Way agencies. Graduates work as counselors at residential camps and children’s homes and as church youth ministers. They are also well trained for business management positions that involve customer relations skills.

Careers listed on this section include those that are popular with HDFS majors as well as others that you may not have considered. For each career category in this section, we give a brief description of the nature of the job, the settings where you might work, suggested minor/collateral courses and internship sites, and some examples of job descriptions and recent job ads.

Section III | Additional Careers to Consider

In this section, we provide additional career possibilities to consider for HDFS graduates