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Section II | Employment Counselor

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

Nature of the Job

This work involves assessment of client skills, interests, needs, and recommendations about job/career possibilities. Depending upon the setting, may include actual job placement. Certain jobs may be restricted to working with targeted groups—unemployed, under employed, those completing their education, professionals who are seeking career changes or who have lost their job through downsizing—or may deal with a wide variety of clientele. Employment counselors must have good interpersonal/counseling skills and specific training in vocational assessment. They also must have a thorough understanding of current employment opportunities and job requirements in order to make the best recommendations to clients. Career counseling typically requires a master’s degree, but intern/volunteer experiences are possible at the undergraduate level to explore this option before making a commitment about a graduate program. Within state agencies most counselors have a bachelor’s degree plus course work in guidance and counseling.

Where You Might Work

Vocational counseling positions are available in secondary schools, in colleges and universities, and in special programs for the unemployed or under employed. There are private consulting firms which specialize in career work, particularly for executive-level personnel. Some career counselors are self-employed.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Vocational Education

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Texas Workforce Commission
  • TTU Career Planning and Placement

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Employment Counselor

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Career Counselors
    • A professionally or nationally certified career counselor helps people make decisions and plans life/career directions. It is likely that the career counselor will do one or more of the following: conduct individual and group personal counseling sessions to help qualify life/career goals, administer and interpret tests and inventories to assess abilities and interests and identify career options, utilize career planning and occupational information to help individuals better understand the world of work, assist in developing individualized career plans, teach job hunting strategies and skills and assist in the development of resumes, help resolve personal conflicts on the job, assist in understanding the integration of work and other life roles, and provide support for persons experiencing job stress, job loss, and career transitions.
  • Employment Counselors/Vocational Counselors
    • Provide educational and vocational guidance services to both individuals and groups. They assess their clients’ interests and skills and help them obtain suitable employment. Employment counselors may advise clients about study and training programs. Clients may be recent graduates, professionals wishing to change jobs or careers, or displaced executives looking to continue their career path, or some other person wishing to enter or re-enter the job market.