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Section II | Non-Profit Associations

Nature of the Job

Administration within large nonprofit associations requires the same level of experience and skills as does administration within for-profit corporations. Because of the emphasis upon development and community relations within the nonprofits, these are good options for HDFS majors.

Where You Might Work

A good strategy for locating a job with nonprofits is to get directories of nonprofit and philanthropic associations and write to those that are of interest to you. A few examples of such associations are the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Association for Retarded Citizens, Easter Seal Society, March of Dimes, and United Way.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Communication Studies
  • Finance
  • Public Relations

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • American Heart Association
  • March of Dimes
  • Many other possibilities—see practicum list

Additional Sources

National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations

The Taft Group, Rockville, MD.

Access: Networking in the Public Interest

Access, New York, NY. (212) 475-1001. Clearinghouse of job opportunities for 1.2 million nonprofit organizations nationwide.

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Non-Profit Associations

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

Click on any of the headings below to view description/ad

  • Assistant to Program Director
    • The Center for Nonprofit Management is seeking a highly motivated individual with strong organizational and interpersonal skills to be the assistant to the program director for Center’s nonprofit management consulting program. Position requires the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks while maintaining attention to detail. Additional qualifications include excellent oral and written communication skills and experience in Word for Windows, Lotus or Excel, and general database management.
  • Director of Non-Profit Organization
    • Working with Deaf individuals on a daily basis, scheduling interpreter assignments, billing and accounts receivable, and publishing monthly newsletters. Skills needed include computer knowledge, typing, some bookkeeping, sign language a plus or be willing to learn.
  • Executive Director
    • For Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Computer exp. Ability to network, travel, and work a flexible schedule; experience working with volunteers and nonprofit organizations.