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Research interests

Burns, Liz
Associate Professor

Teaching Physical Education and Sport

Cohen, Adam
Assistant Professor

Sport Management

  • Sport-for-development and social change
  • The impact sport has on marginalized populations
  • Non-traditional sport and its positive impact on stakeholders
  • Gender equality in sport

Chung, Eunhee
Assistant Professor

Exercise Physiology

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying pregnancy-induced cardiac hypertrophy and regression
  • Sex differences in cardiac regression following cessation of exercise

Goggin, Noreen

Motor Behavior

  • Aging and Movement Control
  • Motor Development

Gonzales, Joaquin U.
Assistant Professor

Exercise Physiology

  • Age- and sex-specific difference in vascular function
  • Clinical consequences of vascular aging
  • Impact of daily physical activity on vascular health

Hart, Melanie
Interim Chair and Vice Provost for Texas Tech University

Lochbaum, Marc

Exercise & Sport Psychology

My research interests include

  1. Personality and achievement goals in the physical activity context including both leisure time physical activity and competitive sport
  2. Motivational issues surrounding sport injury recovery
  3. Physical activity health disparities

The research theories that I specifically examine include:

  1. Achievement Goal Theory
  2. Self-Determination Theory
  3. The Big Five Personalities

Massengale, Dana
Assistant Professor

Sport Management

  • Social issues in sport
  • Diversity in sport organizations
  • Women's leadership in sport

McComb, Jacalyn

  • Complementary medicine evidence based interventions designed to decrease stress vulnerability. Dependent variables include, but are not limited to, heart rate variability, the cortisol response, and immune function, specifically the pro-inflammatory and the anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Female athlete triad: eating disorders, amenorrhea, osteoporosis
  • Psychological distress on luteinizing hormone pulsatility
  • Stress Reactivity and Clinical Pathophysiology
    Exercise and Mindfulness Based Interventions to Minimize Stress Vulnerabilty

Melton, Nicole
Assistant Professor

Sport Management

  • Examining diversity and inclusion in sport organizations
  • Exploring how the power of sport can influence attitudinal and social change
  • Understanding how employee attitudes and behaviors can impact social change in sport

Nite, Calvin
Assistant Professor

Sport Management

  • Understanding the identity development of college athletes and how athletic administrators, coaches, and university faculty/administrators influence college athlete development.
  • Understanding the rationales for athletic department spending habits; particularly of those universities whose athletic departments routinely operate with budget deficits.
  • Stakeholder perceptions of athletic department business practices.

Omli, Jens
Assistant Professor

Exercise & Sport Psychology

  • My research efforts focus on identifying ways in which parents and coaches behave at youth sport events, and understanding how these behaviors influence health and performance outcomes in children. I am also involved in international sport outreach efforts that focus on helping coaches transition from a narrow focus on talent-development and strategy-implementation, to a more comprehensive vision of coaching, which emphasizes personal growth and community development.

Roncesvalles, Maria Nida C.
Associate Professor

Motor Behavior

Stock, Matt S.
Assistant Professor

  • Adaptations to strength training, motor unit physiology, and eccentric exercise

Tacón, Anna
Associate Professor &
Graduate Coordinator

Community Health

  • Complementary therapies/Mind-Body strategies with Cancer Patients
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs
  • Attachment style and cancer
  • Death and dying
  • Psychosocial aspects of health

Thompson, Brennan J.
Assistant Professor

Strength and Conditioning

  • Neuromuscular function assessment and capacities pertaining to athletic performance, exercise, fatigue, aging and occupational influences.

Umeda, Masataka
Assistant Professor

Exercise & Sport Psychology

Dr. Umeda studies the relationship between physical activity and pain. Currently, Dr. Umeda conducts several projects with his students examining:

  1. Psychological and behavioral correlates of physical activity in patients with fibromyalgia
  2. The influence of physical activity levels on endogenous pain modulation in healthy men and women

Dr. Umeda is accepting new graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in joining his research team. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Dr. Umeda at