Karlos Hill

Karlos Hill

Associate Professor - African American, Lynching, Anti-Lynching Protest

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Since 2009, Dr. Karlos K. Hill has been an Assistant Professor of History in TTU’s Department of History. Dr. Hill teaches the US History Since 1865 survey as well as a range of courses on African American history at the graduate and undergraduate levels. His primary research interests include the history of lynching and racial violence in America and the anti-lynching movement. His book tentatively entitled Beyond the Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory (Cambridge University Press, under contract) reframes the meaning and significance of the lynched black body. In brief, Beyond the Rope explains how most Americans today believe the lynched black body is the ultimate symbol of black dehumanization and American racism. Beyond the Rope provocatively challenges this deeply ingrained idea. Rather than simply signifying the negation of black citizenship, Beyond the Rope tells the story of how narrative representations of the lynched black body have ironically affirmed black humanity as well as influenced the history of black lynch mob violence (i.e. black Americans lynching other black Americans). Beyond the Rope’s seminal contribution is that it persuasively argues that the collective trauma of white lynch mob violence against black Americans has been made bearable through constructing “consoling narratives” of the lynched black body that offered alternative realities for making sense of lynching. In bringing to light the neglected history of black lynch mobs and black Americans’ complex relationship to the lynched black body, Beyond the Rope seeks to transform how Americans understand the cultural and political lessons that lynching imparts.

Tentatively, Dr. Hill's next major research project will explore the continuing political and cultural significance of lynching in the post civil rights era through analyzing the reemergence of the lynching noose as a symbol of racial hatred.

Contact Information

Email: Karlos.Hill@ttu.edu
Office: 46 Holden Hall