Financial Aid


Departmental Fellowships

As funding permits, the History Department occasionally awards fellowships to particularly deserving new applicants. In the past these fellowships have provided a stipend (roughly equivalent to that of a Teaching Assistant) to allow the student to concentrate solely on their studies for either the first semester or the first year.

Competitive Fellowships Awarded by the Graduate School

Every year the department nominates its most promising MA and PhD applicants for the prestigious AT&T Chancellor's Fellowships and the CH Foundation Doctoral Fellowships. These fellowships provide an additional amount ($3,000 for two years for an MA, and $4,000 for four years for a PhD) on top the Teaching Assistant Stipend. The materials from the Department's Nominees are then forwarded to the Graduate School where they compete with applicants from departments across the University for these fellowships. Over the last several years the History Department has been very successful in obtaining these fellowships, including three over the last two years.

Teaching Assistants

TTU History Department graduate student receiving financial aid

The Department of History awards approximately 35 Teaching Assistantships annually. The stipends currently range from $11,750 to $14,000 and include in-state tuition status and the waiver of some fees. Teaching Assistant duties range from grading to supervising Discussion Sections for Freshman Survey courses to teaching independent sections of U.S. History The selection process is competitive and decisions for the next academic year are made in March of each year. Depending on departmental staffing needs and individual performance both as a student and as a teacher, Teaching Assistantships can be renewed for up to one year for M.A. students and three years for Ph.D. students. To apply, current students should fill out the Funding Application Form and submit it to the Graduate Advisor or Graduate Coordinator and new applicants to the program should mark the appropriate box on the application for the Department of History. Those applying after the annual selection will be considered for any vacancies that arise during the academic year.

Graduate Student Phil Pope receives an Award from Dr. Sean Cunningham at the Department's Annual Awards Reception

Research Assistant Opportunities On Campus

The Southwest Collection, the Vietnam Archive, and the Center for Historic Preservation and Technology often employ History graduate students. Students are directed to those organizations for their current application rules.


Each year the Graduate School awards scholarships. Holders of competitive scholarships totaling $1000 or more for the academic year are granted in-state tuition status for that year. Students should consult the Graduate School Funding website for information on current competitions and opportunities.

Travel and Research Funding

The History Department has some funds available for graduate student research travel and travel to professional conferences. Phi Alpha Theta's local Zeta Iota chapter also has some limited funds for travel. Both are competitive and application details can be gotten from the Graduate Advisor. Each year the Graduate School has a competitive stipend for Ph.D. summer research. Please see the Graduate School website or the History Graduate Advisor for details of the current competition deadlines and requirements early in the spring semester.

General Financial Aid

Students are directed also to the TTU Financial Aid office located in West Hall. Graduate students are classified as independent by the federal government and currently are eligible for approximately $18,500 in loans annually. The Financial Aid office can also direct you to other university and private scholarship and grant opportunities as well as work-study and on-campus employment. The Graduate School also has the Gelin emergency loan fund.