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Making History

The Department of History at Texas Tech University is a vibrant community of scholars who seek to understand the past and teach courses that introduce students to the processes of historical thinking and analysis for the development of an informed citizenry. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs taught by a diverse faculty from a range of disciplines and research fields. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our faculty, students, and the courses that make us unique.


Department Highlights

Dr. Aliza Wong, Associate Professor of History

recieved the Inclusive Excellence Award in honor of her work for teaching across the curriculum.  The award was given to her at The Celebrate Diversity Awards Banquet.  Celebrate Diversity Awards Banquet


PhD Candidate, Autumn Lass,

received the Helen Jones Dissertation writing fellowship and the Truman Presidential Library research award this spring.  Autumn will use the money to finish her research and writing this fall on her dissertation, "Evolving Images of Containment: Perception Management and Domestic Propoganda during the Early Cold War Period."