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Jacynda Ammons


Nicholas Arandia

I am studying 20th century military history with a focus on counter-insurgency.



Kenna (Lang) Archer

My primary area of interest is Texas environmental history.  I tend to conduct microcosmic studies, looking at individual cities, rivers, parks, etc.  For my dissertation, I will probably study either the Lower Brazos River or water rights along the Rio Grande


Sarah Barwinkel

My thesis looks at the Depression in West Texas, specifically at New Deal programs in Lubbock and the surrounding communities.  I am focusing on programs that hastened the city’s growth and helped city leaders to establish connections with state, national, and to some degree international institutions and agencies.

T. R. Barrows

Since arriving at Texas Tech, I've been attempting to intercede my long-established interests in Latin America -- namely Mexico -- with my burgeoning interests in the historiography of the environment. I'm generally interested in the way metropolitan institutions and actors in Europe conceived of the natural world, and how such ideas became popularized and heralded over societies abroad. I'm also fascinated by the notion of popularized environmental degradation, especially as it relates to class. I'm cobbling together a thesis that will try and focus on the seams where these many things meet. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about Tech's history department or the exciting city of Lubbock!

Corye Perez Beene

Civil Rights study of the implementation of Title IX and the role the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women played in legitimizing its legacy to feminist history.


Dennis Berger

My research is focusing on the evolution of agency within the American military's enlisted force during the Cold War era. This change in how enlisted were viewed by the officer corps and the civilian populace, coupled with their struggle to gain a measure of respectability, is measured against the major societal changes of the period.

Beth Callaway


Autumn Costa

Jim Cloninger


Chad DeMars

United States trucking de-regulation, unions, and anti-union attitudes, trucker culture.


Richard Driver

My research examines the place and role of rock and roll music and the media in the cultural and social history of the 1950s-1980s, with attention focused on the images of masculinity portrayed and marketed, the effects on the family, and the larger political economy in those decades.



Johnathan Edgeller

 Stephen Eldridge

·         Email: 

·         Classification (M.A./Ph.D.):  PhD

·         Years at Tech:  5

·         Previous Undergraduate Institutions:  Abilene Christian University

·         Previous Graduate Institutions:  University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and West Texas A & M University

·         Supervising Professor:  Dr. Mark Stoll

·         Area of Study/Comp. Fields:  1. Thematic (Religion), Dr. Stoll,  2. American (Colonial/Revolutionary era), Dr. Schmidt, 3. American (Intellectual History), Dr. Adams,  4. Early Modern Europe, Dr. D’Amico  

I study intellectual, theological, or cultural aspects of transatlantic religious history from the late sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries

Jason Foster


Krystal Humphreys

My dissertation research looks at issues surrounding masculinity and traditional gender roles in the Protestant Christian Church within the context of political change and the rise of modern conservatism in the 1970s and 1980s.

John S. Huntington

My thesis focuses on the nuclear testing program in China and the response by the LBJ administration.  The thesis will deal directly with subjects such as national security, arms control and defense, and Sino-American relations




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